Friday, April 9, 2010

Procrastinating costs money.

Procrastinating costs money!

Seriously! T-T  I procrastinate way too often lately and I think I'm so good at it, I can even get a first class honour degree cert for it (=_=) and when I procrastinate I do things that don't squeeze out my brain juice, surf around the internet for example. But when I happen to spot something i like, I couldn't resist, and most of times I end up spending money on things I don't need. I try to save money but it seems like I've spent more than I saved, ahh I guess that explains the empty bank account. (._.) (don't worry I still have another money hole lol, but I'm not gonna touch it) What's worse is that, one site links to another, so its like a neverendinginfinite chain.. argh.. If only I'm not a girl, I'd be rich. :( hahas.