Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Black and White Nail Art

Whee.. did I mention that I love receiving parcels? XD It's like opening pressies! I absolutely love the feeling hahaha. and it's so addictive till.....

... this happens.  (._.) and these are just part of them for this month what turf.

Anyway, of all the parcels, the one that I'm most anticipated and interested with are these! 
Some pearls, tiny metal balls, laces, decorating stuffs made of soft clays, lacey nail stickers, some brushes etc... and a pair of falsies?! lol which I think is a free gift haha 

I got all the stuffs at quite a low price, compared to many sites that I've visited. The service is good too, it didn't took long for these to arrive even though they are sent from east m'sia. I initially wanted to get the acrylic nail art stuffs since I've always been drawing and decorating my nails and the pre-made ones are not really cheap and sometimes not even cute! what turf. So I thought it could be nice if I just buy the tools and make whatever things I want, like bunnies and rilakkuma haha! But I end up didn't buy them because after I read up some articles online; according to them, unprofessional use of it could lead to the risk of having weak, brittle nails, or worse, having allergic reaction to it. o.o I don't know how true is that, but it's better not risk. Save the troubles also haha, since the procedure seems really mafan. =3=

Done sorting them!

and Tadaa! This is my first nail art done using the tools! lol Inspired by Tsubasa's black and white nail art featured in the Nail Up! magazine. 

First I painted my nails by alternating the black and white nail polishes. I hardly buy dark colored nail polish so this is the darkest shade I have. Glittery black, which looks more like a grey color haha.

Then use a french manicure nail strip tape to paint the white color tip.  Newbie like me still have problem peeling the strip D: The paint came off a little haihs. 

For dotting part, I used the two-way nail art pen from Tony Moly which Vin-chan got for me as an omiyage. It's super useful! ♥
Alternatively you can use a dotting tool like the pink one shown above, which is also quite nice to use, provided that you have a stable hand lol :( 

Its quite messy but I like hahah! I'll be doing another one this weekend since exam is over! Whee! 
and it'll most probably be a girly themed one! ✿

Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Heritage Residences, Seri Kembangan

Went for a 2D1N HYPE club trip during the mid-semester break, and I'm only blogging about it 2 weeks after, talk about inefficiency. lol =x It's been a busy time for me over the past few weeks, can't help it :(  

The beautiful lake view from the unit we stayed. The initial venue was supposed to be Asian Water Sports Village, Subang, which promised to provide facilities like jacuzzi and sauna, and accommodation at the lake-side town house. But it then changed to The Heritage Residences for some reasons, the unit is much smaller, no promised facilities and there were only like 3 types water sports: banana boat and jet tubes. Even though I had fun there but I still feel so cheated lor. =3= 

And that's win, testing all the beds. =3= Looks like some mattress advertisement or not? Haha

The BBQ session at night, I only manage to snap a few photos before the sky began to turn dark and nasty mosquitoes started to show up and join us. Got some bites on my feet and arms, darn itchy! D:

Thanks to those who prepared the food! ♥

                                 Hyper win.

Sitting at the lake side, noming and chatting. It has been a long while since I last get to enjoy relaxing moment like this. T^T

At night, it was drinking + game session. Win suggested to play the Mafia game and it ended up that everyone got addicted to it and repeatedly play it all night. =3= It's especially amusing to look at how people accused each other when you know the truth. Muahaha.

Had our lunch at Nando's, Mid Valley before we all headed home. 

My usual order again, grilled vegetables and the must-have Peri chips.

Win's chicken kebab set.

Yes, satisfaction. =▽=

Believe it or not, I'm typing this whole post using an On-Screen keyboard. My keyboard connector hole is spoiled D: Can't believe I have so much patience. =3=