Saturday, December 4, 2010

Gamma Trimester 2 Mid Term Break Starto.

Wheeee, it's finally break again. Whole of last week till this week, I'm packed with assignments, quizzes and homework again. : ( And it's not over yet, there are still plenty of them coming after break. T.T MMU course structure is insane, this break doesn't feels like a break at all. : ( Come to think of it, I haven't been out anywhere lately, except watching mid night movie in Alamanda Mall, if you call it an outing.

Disney's Tangled! : D (Rapenzel: A Tangled Tale here in Malaysia) I know I've heard the story during my younger age but somehow I don't remember the whole story anymore, unlike Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty. lol. The movie's graphics are very nice and the ending is somewhat sad and unexpected, call me lame, but it made me teared T.T 

Who needs a dog when you can have Maximus-ze-horse? XD

Lantern releasing scene. I love this, made me nose-wet lol
すごく綺麗な~ ヽ(´ー`)

Gahh, better back to work, I'm suppose to be writing my resume for next sem's internship. Should I make a simple portfolio site online? Idk T.T Still couldn't decide where I wanted to go. Decisions decision....

Know what you want to do, or nothing will be done. 

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Blur by Activision.

Blur by Activision. :D Even nicer to play than NFS (in my own opinion), because I dunch like cops and being chased around. T_T And unlike the usual racing game, it offers crazy actions where you can get power ups and blast the crap out of other racers. Hoho. ♥

Awesomus to the maximus! Nuff Said. :D

Monday, November 8, 2010

Emo Days

It's one of those days again... 

...where everything starts to fall apart and nothing seems right. :( I'm stressed, irritated and emo.. I dunch like this.. T_T I've indeed been very negative since the beginning of this sem.. T_T Every little things seem to irritate me.. T_T I'll probably die of high blood pressure and heart attack if this continues. *AHH* 

It's mainly about the internet here, and it's becoming worse lately! I really feel like whacking their door and scold those who causes this in their face. I wanna do that so badly naoo. =..= If it isn't because I can't be sure whether or not it's their doings, I'd done that long ago. -_- It's evil but I've been enduring for so long I cannot tahan ad.. T_T Don't they have some self-integrity or pride.. It's been discussed and complained so many times, over and over again. -_- 

I have a habit of keeping things to myself since long ago, maybe this is the consequences.. T_T Not enough memory to store anymore unhappiness so it's exploding.. T_T I wanna go theme park play roller coaster and scream my lungs out. .. T_T ..or or.. eat boxes of ice cream until I puke rainbows. =v="

I seriously need to change my attitude and look at the brighter site to discover joyful things in my life and be grateful about it, have to stop letting the same old shit and people influence my mood.. I don't wanna die young.. =A=

"nothing can bring you happiness but yourself" - Anonymous.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Cbox getting all kinds of spams.

Lately, I started to notice my cbox is getting all kind of spam links. -_- Which I find it really annoying and starting to get on my nerves -_- Seriously, all these stupid people/website/company should get banned or something. Some of them are even pornography websites (I suspect based on the names used-_-). FML. And who knows, some of the sites might contain virus. -_- But I manage to clear the message and ban the links somehow.

Just go to your cbox profile, click "Messages" on the Control Panel. Tick the spams and ban+delete+report. All the buttons should be somewhere around the right top part.

Even Mr. Mario spammed. -_- Maybe his girlfriend overspent, so he decided to earn some extra money by spamming. F Peach's L.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

New addiction

My new addiction, also my very 1st time heh ---- Gacha Balls from Gachapon! 
I can finally see why people could get seriously addicted to it.
I'll show you why now. XD
These eggies cost RM4 each. Hoho. 

Each eggy comes with a brief instruction + description of the whole collection.
Mine is from the Sugarbunnies Gachapon! 
Was looking for a Rilakkuma's one but too bad there isn't any. (T_T)

Stickers to stick on the stamp boxes. 
Too cute! how can anyone resist this. (=3=) ♥ 

Komugiusa and Pandausa Set.
Get what I meant now? T_T ♥ WAY TOOO CUTE!!

 I was a stamp freak when I was younger. Shh.

Hanausa and Momousa Set.
It's PINK! ♥ T_T

 I want the rest of the collections! And hopefully there's a Rilakkuma Gachapon in Malaysia. *prays*

The prints. I did it by brushing the rubber stamp with color ink pens fml because I don't like the one given inside the box. =3=  
I can nao hash my own bunneh monogram. wtf.

Okiethat'sallbye. :D

Sunday, October 10, 2010

A New Friend.

A new friend.

It's Monkey Bear!
argh it is supposed to be an animated gif. -_-
I damn wuliao haha. -_-

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Yesterday was a friend's wedding dinner. The official wedding date was last two days but I didn't manage to attend as I was at Fraser Hill for the whole weekend. It was a family camp and there were preaches about how to know god better, the meaning behind the 10 commandments and et cetera. Honestly, it makes me realizes how ignorant I was towards God, ('WAS', hopefully) I'd never thought that the 10 commandments will have anything to do with me, and perhaps most of the Christians. There's a lot that I've learnt and I believe there is loads more to learn. Will do a short summary about it when I'm free as a reminder to myself.
This is something to share for the moment:

"A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another." (NIV, John 13:34-35)

Talking about yesterday, I woke up in the afternoon and spent the rest of the time in front of computer until 6.30pm and get ready to go for the dinner. Lifeless sia. =.= Was gonna curl my hair but end up gave up after a few tries due to pekchekness and not used to the new hair styler. Might as well consider to get a wig di, its way easier and faster to style your hair. =.= So erm, I ended up going with my hair undone and looking messy. lol  I cannot imagine I actually have to give someone wedding angpao already when I don't even have a job and income yet. lolness. 20/21 year old is honestly not young, but then I'm still feeding on my parents' income like a money sucker. Feel so guilty every time I think about it. =.=

Erm anyway, the wedding was nice, I actually enjoy going to weddings lol I don't know why, it brings joy when you see someone's happy, especially for 'once-in-a-lifetime' moments like this. I want a wedding too.. (*-*) not now la lol. But then, the food arrives rather slow and I was hungry. (=3=) And I got tired and really sleepy after that, so there goes my mood. After the dinner, the gang went for yumcha session as usual, for a bit of chit chat and Texas Poker, erm and some food. lol. I was too worn-out and therefore moodless. :( Probably because of the fat emo bugs too. Sad dao, I WAS SO SKINNY! Never imagine this could happen on me. T.T I was once that girl who can eat a mountain and still told to eat more. I can once play music with my rib bones cause it was so meatless and it looks like a guitar. My name was "Eat more, you look so skinny.". I hated it last time but now it became one of my wishes. :( Uber sadness. :(

That roti canai stall that my dad and I used to go when I was like er 5? has turned into this. (._.)

Love the cozy weather up there and the British-looking little stone buildings covered with creeper vines. 
The old English clock tower that stands in the middle town is still there. :D

Baby bitter gourds from grandparents' farm. :D

I absolutely love this scene. T_T Too bad that I didn't brought any camera with me at that time.
Therefore all these cacat quality photos taken by my 2MP cellphone. :(

We went out long gai, looking for durian kampung seller but cannot find any since it wasn't the season yet.
So we end up had some ice kacang here. Not a big fan of durian so I was happy having to eat something cold. :D I was melting! T_T

Some old shops opposite.

 Straw hats. 

Before going out. 

After the dinner, as you can see here, my eyes are different in size because one of the fake lashes fell off during the dinner lol It's not really obvious thou, cause my hair has covered most of it XD 
I love fake lashies. :D

Yumcha and poker session.

Her princessy cute bun. 

Dinner @ V-Garden

Monday, August 16, 2010

Life like this

Lately life has been a bit like this...

Erm.. Honestly I don't know what to write here.. Just feel like updating the blog before mold begins to grow here. lol. But I stil don't know what to write. :( No inspiration, no motivation, no nothing. I forgot when is the last time I do what I really feel like doing the most. No, it's not emo bug, more like worries and stress overwhelming. And bad dreams.. T_T

I've fallen in love with Jason Mraz's songs lately, very musically soothing, never fails to put me in the right state of mind all the time. I love good slow, melodic songs. ♥ Hmm.

And fiinally, my new study partner. No more laggin PS and better sound system. W00ts~ :D
Well erm, something to happy about. lol.
Thank-kiu Marmy and Daddy. : )

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Good days, bad days.

Today is such a bad day. -__- I don't know, it's not like I slipped on a banana skin and fell over when I go out this morning, knocked down by a car, lost my wallet then fell into the toilet bowl and bla bla... I'm just so pissed off at everything.

The internet speed is so slow, even notes downloading from mmls takes forever. I wanna load a music video but gave up after several tries, it just stuck there after it loaded like 25-50 percent, which took me so long to wait, I don't know why. I wanna play games cannot, watch clips in Facebook cannot, browse things need to wait so long, everything also cannot like watching anime and dramas is the only thing I can do now. FML lah seriously, and f Streamyx. -_- My mood is like directly proportional to the internet speed, but it's a different case if you put me in a place with no internet, I CAN survive. I just cannot tolerate having a slow internet when you've paid to deserve the better.

And today I had my brunch at 3pm again, didn't eat anything since morning T-T, such an unhealthy lifestyle, but better than having no breaks at all la. Ordered 2 rotis at fcm mamak as usual and when I went to take my second roti, a girl who stand beside me was like: Where's my roti?! *Loud tone, in chinese* -_- and stared at me like I owe her 10 million. What? You got a problem? You think I so free wanna steal your roti? Blame the indian uncle la, cause he's the one who gave it to me and plus, I ordered first. -_- If it's not the case, I will not so shamelessly go and 'steal' people's roti lor.  -_- Biatch.


Saturday, June 12, 2010

Finally 5 days passed and here comes the weekend! woohoo! I hate Cyber. >:( There's ZERO fun here and the food are mostly expensive and not all are nice. And no porky here. >:( And knowing some sucky lecturers who are gonna teach you for the whole semester is also a mood spoiler. -_- Money burning! Boo! -_-

Today was quite fun as it was about 2 of my favorite things in life: watching movie and eating. XD
Woke up late and ended up reach there at 3pm, yes with empty stomach T_T had our brunch in Subway and some green tea and choco mint gelato @ Gelatomio. Yum.♥ We then headed to the cinema to watch The A-Team! (I've been waiting for this XD) Full of action and great comedy. I like! :D oh and Bradley Cooper's macho-ness. XD After movie, we had our dinner at a HK restaurant, had duck rice and some steamboat. Yummy ducky ♥ There was also a Japanese Food Fair selling Japanese cookies, chocolate, drinks, ramen, miso soup, candies, snacks, all at a discounted price. ♥ Grabbed a box of pandie cookie and then realized that I actually bought the wrong one. T-T This one has no choco inside. :(

Emo Misa: Someone left me alone at home :( And did not bring me any carrots!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

After a long long time.

Harlow bloggie! It has been a while :) First up, here's a quick update of what I did while being MIA for some time. XD

1. I trimmed my hair, just a tiny lil bit, no big changes.

2. I dyed my hair, reddish dark brown, not that obvious thou :( macam natural color. I think I might need to dye again, maybe after one month or two, don't wanna damage my hair. Wanna get a lighter brown, yum!

3. Had my long-awaited trip to Penang. Had a taste of penang food, and therefore no. 4.

4. My diet plan failed. oh wells, let's start again next sem. XD noms noms.

5. I shopped for hairbands again. Added a few more to my 'collection'. I'm such a hairband freak now, and it's not like I wear them to class everyday, I wonder why I'm so obsessed with them and invested so much on them. -_- Weirdo. Nuff' said.

6. Dates. 

My failed plans :
1.  Swimming lesson plan failed. Parents not free to fetch cause it's not school holiday. Their holiday starts on Monday, which is also the day my class starts. MMU Fail. -_- fml.

2.  Fail to start running my pre-loved blog shop due to laziness and packed schedule. Also, camera problem, was plan to get a new cam but till now also haven't get one. Another failed plan.

3. Healthy lifestyle failed. I still don't eat on time and sleep late. Soon pimples will start popping out and someday god might punish me and let me die early. -_- Touchwood. touchwood.

4. Change blogskin plan failed. I've been wanted to do it since a long time, cause most of the items in this blog are hard-coded so it brings me a lot of inconveniences when I'm trying to change something. Hmm. and the fonts are kind of too small to be read by humans. Everything is so messy and packed together, I hate it. Throws chairs. Throws tables.

5. Someone's birthday surprise. Epic fail. Emo me. T_T

Erm, so there goes my 3 weeks school holidays, another 24 hours left and I'll be at the dead city Cyber, crying for good food, fishing in class, doodling on tables and complaining why Friday is so darn far away. -_-


 Received 3 pairs of these Freshlook Illuminate for free last week. Ignore the stupid Dell logo.
I always find myself having a hard time buying contact lenses. Tried several brands including those imported from Korea. Most are either not comfy to wear for long hours or just doesn't look good on me. But I love these, you can have cheat-one bolder eyes after wearing, I wore them during my trip to pg and it feels nice except that one day I wore them terbalik and it fell off XD Gladly i bought my glasses with me. :S 

Friday, April 9, 2010

Procrastinating costs money.

Procrastinating costs money!

Seriously! T-T  I procrastinate way too often lately and I think I'm so good at it, I can even get a first class honour degree cert for it (=_=) and when I procrastinate I do things that don't squeeze out my brain juice, surf around the internet for example. But when I happen to spot something i like, I couldn't resist, and most of times I end up spending money on things I don't need. I try to save money but it seems like I've spent more than I saved, ahh I guess that explains the empty bank account. (._.) (don't worry I still have another money hole lol, but I'm not gonna touch it) What's worse is that, one site links to another, so its like a neverendinginfinite chain.. argh.. If only I'm not a girl, I'd be rich. :( hahas.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


亲爱的自己,不要太在意一些人太在乎一些事,顺其自然以最佳心态面对,因为这世界就是这么不公平往往在最在乎的事物面 前我们最没有价值。

亲爱的自己,永远不要为难自己,比如不吃饭、哭泣、自闭、 抑郁,这些都是傻瓜才做的事。


亲爱的自己,你可以失望但不能绝望,你要始终相信,tomorrow is another day.

亲爱的自己,你不要老是想依赖别人,更不能奢望别人在你需要 的时候第一时间站出来,毕竟你们谁都不是谁的谁。

亲爱的自己,别人对你好,你要加倍对别人好,别人对你不好, 你还是应该对别人好,因为那说明你还不够好。

亲爱的自己,不要太低调了,有时要强悍一点,被欺负的时候, 一定要讨回来!但是一定不要记恨,小人之见随他们去好了,怜 悯会使你高贵。


亲爱的自己,记得要常常仰望天空,记住仰望天空的时候也要看 看脚下。

亲爱的自己,相信你的直觉,不要招惹别人,也不要让别人来招 惹你。
亲爱的自己, 要快乐、要开朗、要坚韧、要温暖,这和性格无关。


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Carnival of Japan 09/10

Bwahaha.. The Carnival of Japan 09/10 has finally came to an end! :)
Cultural Night was a blast! :) Food fair and Exhibition went pretty well also. Well worth the effort!

Minna, otsukaresama! :D

Everything has ended with mixed feelings. A joyous day but a heavy heart. >_< Glad cause to me, it was a successful event. A bit "mm seh dak" cause everyone is now back to their usual daily routine again. Hahas. This is my first time joining an event as a high-comm and it was a pretty good experience to get to work with different people. :) Although there were times when there was a lot of works, conflicts, stress.. but there were also times when we all had fun and had a good time :)
Damn hungry and exhausted and my leg muscles are like freaking pain nao but Ahh, I'm so happy. :'D
Around 6/7am in the morning, worked till morning and went to KFC for breakfast.
wooi sin in action o_o banyak actions lol

 Forgot what they were looking at lol

Hokee: Yeh Yeh~ I can has kentucky fried chicken!
Aaron: Err can you put down your leg, smelly lah!

The yakuzas.

Wooi: Faster tell! How much money you wanna borrow!
WC: *snap*

Our CyberP booth's "jiu pai" :D

thank you wooi sin for giving me this cute finger puppet haha XD

Our cyberpreneurship assignment has ended today as well.. ahh feels guilty cause I didn't help much during the 3 days >_< sorry.. and we forgot to snap a group photo! ahh sad T-T I'll definitely miss our "jiu pai" orange milkshake :P

Monday, March 8, 2010

Imma chubby cookie monster.

TAADAA! Half an hour of "hard work" sitting in front of laptop watching anime while doing this cheat-one lace nail art.. haha. ❤ 

However I hardly do this to my nails due to a number of reasons:
1. No time to experiment. Waiting for the nail polish to dry up completely is a friggin boring and time-wasting thing to do. -_-
2. It never last more than 2 days. My fingers never stop moving, heart pain if they kena scratched. T-T Hardwork wey! Requires uber geng concentration to do it kay XD
3. No one will notice. HAHAHA. I mean, who so free will go and stare/look at your nails while talking/meeting with you lol. - -"
Nowadays, I'm too lazy to even put a simple coat of nail polish to my nails, needless to say if it's about drawing on them =.= sighs. But I decided to try it out since it's holiday! :D Have to spoil myself a little after few weeks of stress. fml.  

The tutorial can be found HERE. :)
Thanks vin for sharing the link. 

ps: I'm fat!! T__T 50 friggin kilos! FML.. before this I was asked by my friends many times if I'm in a relationship or what. I said no, then they were like, 'Really? but you look so 'xing fu' woh.' (sarcastically means living a good life) See la, these are the kind of friends I have. T-T fml. I didn't put their words in mind cause I thought my face was always that chubby so maybe they don't see me very often and think I've changed. But another friend of mine notice it too. One day as usual, we went for weekend yumcha session and out of the blue, he goes, 'Yvonne ar, you fat jor wor...'. I was like wth, first time in my life I was told that I'm fat?! OMG?! Should I be happy or what? T-T cause since I was in primary school, everyone told me I'm too skinny and should eat more and yada yada yada. fml, like since when I eat less? -_- Being skinny is definitely not my fault k, what to do.. I'm born like this.  T-T 
Then he continues, 'but you look nicer this way', and 'Everyone! Faster say yvonne pretty!' -.- and there goes my sweats, I don't know if he was trying to make me feel better or what, hopefully not la lol. Don't do this to me la, I treated you as my close friend T-T 
And then after that, everyday, I feel like my pants/skirts are getting tighter than before, -_- I'm not sure if it's some kind of psychological illusions or what, but somehow I feel like I've gained some weight T-T Should I be happy or should I not.. doshiooooo.....
and Today, as usual, I went to the kitchen to grab something to munch lol FML(tamchiak as usual sobs), my housemaid told me, 'yvonne you dah gemuk~', (she went back her hometown for like few months so she notice the difference, that's what I believe T-T ) my brother was there too and he agrees with her, 'ya woh, you dah gemuk'.. OMG.. once again, *falling in despair*..I was being told more than once, meaning I've really gained some weight T-T *bangs wall* what to do.. wth I cannot accept this... *runs in circles* Can someone teach me how to lose weight, pleaseee.. *teary puppy eyes* ToT

Seriously, Need to Stop Nom-ing!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Thoughts in my mind

Thou shalt not drink, gamble, go clubbing, smoke, play violent games, listen to certain genre of music...?

Most of us in life have so many questions that needs answers. Ever since I had graduated from high school till now, a lot of things have changed, friendship, family relationship, hi-bye friends and pillow-talk friends, people we know and don't know, school, even myself. I have been thrown into the world of adulthood and responsibility and expectation without realization. Many times in life I fail to have the capability to differentiate between right and wrong or good or bad and most of the times I always end up to stand in the so called 'gray area', the "not-so-right and not-so-wrong" side. There is too much dilemma in life, making it so hard to make decisions, sometime something so right can be wrong, or the other way round..

I've just been listening to someone say christians shall not drink and smoke. Some say its alright to do it as long as you don't do it excessively and without self-control. Thing is, should I take everything they said or be open-minded and take things into consideration? I was born into a christian family and I understand things about the salvation that has been given to us, the commandments, stuffs about being obedience and thankful to receive rewards in our life after death and so on and so forth. We all want to please God but many times in life we're stuck in a dilemma about making little decisions in life. For instance, one of the command from Exodus 20:1-17 says, You shall not murder. Erm, wadabout murdering virtually as in playing shooting games? Some says you can do it as long as you don't have the thoughts of killing. Sounds complicated and very hard to understand eh? How can you aim and shoot your target if you don't have the thoughts of killing the target and for game designers, how can you create a monsters/zombies/humans-killing game if you can't find the pleasure in slicing/cutting/whacking/chopping/bombing the creatures. I apologize if this doesn't make sense. I guess all the truths can be found in the bible and I believe that his words is the only thing in this world that is eternal and unchanging and we just have to search for it.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Random #7


Cheat one ofcourse XD My hair has two layers so when i tie back the bottom layer it looks like this XD semi-melon-headed =.= wth..
and that's domokun at the bottom of the photo :)
I looked like a head kena chopped off. =.= wth

k la, babai.

ps: don't stab me I know I'm a lazy blogger T-T
pps: not lazy la, more like busy.. T-T
ppps: but at least i wrote something :D
pppps: and please CLICK HERE before you leave. meowr. Help me spread the word, thanks!

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Okay, I have now officially died. Woke up with a minor fever, headache, sore throat which hurts when I swallow something. This is NOT okay. T__T I still have plenty of things to be done. Shithead T-T Division meeting is on Monday and I have not yet done my 2nd product, and wth I thought I have extra time to finish up Invitation card, Teeshirt and Ticket as well. I'm so Oh wells, I hope all the WCs will make themselves useful.

List down the things I need to do before CNYE:
1. Done all P&T stuffs that need to be approved.
2. Haircut
3. New Camera - mostly will be a semi-pro compact one, I've given up on getting dslr cause I need to save my money for future needs T-T. just in case I died, I have money to give to my children or grandchildren or great-grandchildren and great-great.... wth lol. unless dad feels like sponsor me one, hoho, but he will sure say "wait long long", haih forget it. =.=
4. Gorillapod - If I have extra okane, else just buy a simple one or  don't buy at all. ._.
5. Reformat computer - L4D 2 and DMC T_T
6. To be continue.

I seriously need an assistant/secretary to help me organize my schedule T-T My organizer is waayy to messy to be read by humans. People, I'm hiring! XD Please contact me for further enquiry. Hahaha.
I think I better get back to sleep la, and hopefully wake up feeling better.

Me want a bunny like this!! Misa need a same species mate. XD