Sunday, October 16, 2011

3D2N Holiday in Singapore [Photo-heavy!]

Singapore is our nearest neighboring country after Thailand, but believe it or not, this was my first time traveling there! We took a first class coach there, it's very nice with comfy and spacious seats. :D  I usually have difficulty sleeping in public transport during long distance trips, but this time, I slept soundly for 8 hours straight! Hehe :3

 Yay! I can haz spacious leg room! *snors* And that's Win watching Tom and Jerry to kill boredom. lol! Love how they provide movies and games for you to play during the long, boring trip. They also provide blankets for passenger to keep themselves warm along the trip. So considerate! :3
This mischievous-looking, pantless bear belongs to Win's sis XD Cute? :P Two winnies in the house =3=
 Win and his big sista - Mei yi who tour guided us around in sg! Provide us shelter and brought us to places with good food! Thanks for everything! ♥

We arrived there on Saturday morning and the rest of the day was all about shopping at The Orchard Road! No photos as I was too lazy to bring my big-ass camera out. :P Since it was weekend, the place was really really crowded with people, so packed everywhere, it almost feels like Tokyo =3= The 2km street is full of HUGE designer boutiques, malls, department stores, and almost any brands you can name of, definitely a shopping heaven! (=▽=ヽ ) Before we went there, Win joked about how if you shop in the orchard road from the first store till the last store at the end of street, and come back again to shop at the first store, you'll find that they already have new stuffs on display, making it an endless loops of shopping. (=3=") I thought he was exaggerating but no, it's true! *jaw-drops* Singaporeans do take their shopping very seriously. =3= 
On the second day, we went to Marina Bay Sands. (click on the link, the buildings look really cool) It's an integrated resort with casino, hotel, shopping and pretty much anything related to entertainment. The pool on the 56th floor only opens for the hotel guest so we only went to the observation deck at Sands Sky Park on the same floor. They have merchandise booth and bar there so you can buy a drink to chill and enjoy the view~ (=▽=)
This is a bit off-topic, but, I lovee my eyebrows! XD They used to be super bushy but not anymore! yay :D I had them shaped at Shu Uemura boutique @ Mid Valley. Don't have to cut my bangs monthly so it covers my fugly brows anymore :D Also, their hard formula eyebrow pencil is a must-have! So easy to use and makes your eyebrows look neat and natural. ♥ヽ(´ε` )

I did not put on any makeup except my eyebrows and cosmetic lenses (if you wanna consider it a makeup) throughout the whole three days because my skin condition was really bad. T_T Not even sunblock because I hate the greasy/creamy feeling it gives! Urghhh.

From there, we had a good view of the statue of Merlion and the Infinity swimming pool. 
Love the design of everything there! Awesome architecture I must say! :3 The pool is only for hotel guests to visit and I'm still underage to enter a casino D: So click HERE to have a look at more of the awesomeness.

They have Louis Vuitton Island Maison store! Sitting directly on water! How cool :3
The colourful photo is the world's largest floating stadium and the lotus-looking building is the ArtScience Museum.

What do you mean they look like bra? 

Chilling in front of The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands. Place where the Wonder Full water show will take place at night. Er I have no idea what the person behind Win is trying to do. Trying to mimic a cat? Haha! XD
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
 After dinner, we went to Cold Rock Ice Creamery at Holland Village for dessert! I had two berry flavored ice cream mixed together with nerds candy! Yums! ♥

"If you can dream it, we can ice cream it"

And to my surprise, Win's sis bought me a small chocolate brownie cake to celebrate my early birthday! XD Totally did not expect that! Haha ♥

It was a Monday on the third day, after breakfast with Mei yi and her friend, Win and I went to Universal Studios Singapore (USS) @ Sentosa! I was super excited can! We had our tickets purchased online, the admission price is about S$60 per adult, I would say that the experience is really well worth the price :3 It actually drizzled a little when we arrived but after that it was all warm and sunny again! Thank god for the nice weather! ♥
There are seven themed worlds! 

Started our journey from Hollywood! There are fancy designed shops on both sides of the street, definitely a great place to have your photographs taken hoho! Make sure you have a park map in hand and check out the show times in each world to plan your journey so you don't miss any of the exciting shows.

One of my favorite rides in USS! The Battlestar Galactica! There are two types of coaster rides: Cylon (blue), a suspended coaster and Human (red), a seated coaster. I really like the concept! I think it was about a war between the Cylons and humans, both rides depart at the same time and it looked like as if there's a battle going on! How cool! Me and Win rode on both sides twice!  I love trilling rides! o(≧▽≦)o There is also this ride called Accelerator at Sci-fi City which looks exactly like the spinning tea cup ride to me (==") Win and I hated it so we did not take the ride, because seriously, all it does is making you feel dizzy and nauseous. =3=

We were at Ancient Egypt! The Revenge of the Mummy indoor coaster ride is something you definitely should not miss! One of my favorites in USS. Props and effects used during the ride were all super realistic! *gasps* I shall not further spoil the details, you have to experience it yourself! ✿ヽ(´ε` )

After Ancient Egypt, we headed straight to Far Far Away kingdom to watch the Shrek 4D show! The story and effects were quite good, but other that that, it was alright. I don't know if  it's because of the place I sat, the images I saw were all kind of with blurry edges ==" You know, like watching 3D movies without the 3D glasses. =3=  I'm pretty sure it wasn't because of the glasses because I've tried rubbing it :(
My expression was really weird so I covered it. =3=
Anyway, just to show you the pretty, grand arch of Far Far Away! :P
Candid shot by Win, it looks like as if I was trying to act cute. =3=
Didn't manage to get a full shot of the castle. :( Feels like disneyland eh? :3  

King Harold the Frog!
Wearing: Rose Pink Crop Top from H&M, Brown Paperbag Shorts from Reverie, Bag from Charles&Keith, Floral Printed Socks from H&M, Nude Lace-up Oxford Shoes from Vincci.
Then it was around lunch time so we settled our quick lunch at Fossil Fuel stall. They have all sorts of stalls and shops in each world selling snacks, meals and drinks. Each fast food meal set cost around S$10. Besides fast food, there are also Chinese and Italian restaurants. :3

After lunch we went back to Far Far Away to snap more photos. :P And after that the camera battery went dead fml. Super potong steam. D: But overall, the whole experience was really enjoyable. ♥  Remember to check out the Candylicious store before you head home! It's Asia's biggest candy store! o(≧▽≦)o

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Holiday in Penang.

Finally done editing the photos! I'm separating them into two posts as I have too many photos to post for SG trip! It's gonna be a picture-heavy post! :P

So, it's almost every semester that I'll follow Win to his hometown, Penang. :D I love Penang! It's my second favorite state next to my own hometown. :3 This time we planned it before our SG trip because Win had to renew his expired passport, we stayed there for around 5/6 days so he can spend more time with his family. During those day, we had spent almost every meal in eating Penang famous street food!

I must say that Penang has a very different eating culture. Unlike my place where we usually settle our supper at mamak, 24/7 fast food chains or franchise cafes that open till mid night, like Station One where young people usually hang out. In Penang, you have 24 hours access to a variety of yummilicious street food! (*¬*) My favorite place for supper is the stall selling wantan mee and stewed chicken feet with mushrooms near Free School Road. It's my favorite place for wantan mee so far :D 
I love this place! It's full of big, old buildings. I took some photos of the old buildings in the area when Win was trying to drive us to the famous cendol place, but we kind of lost our way so plan failed XD

Then we passed by Fort Cornwallis and I asked Win why he never bring me to those historical, tourisy spots in Penang, and guess what, he said he doesn't even know there is such place o.o. (=.=")

 Nope, this photo is not about Real Steel XD
We stopped at a traffic light on our way home and I saw this, then I jokingly told Win, see! boyfriends must be GOOD and RICH XD Then Win made this =.= face and said, the owner of that shop must be a lady XD

Poser. XD Win took me canoeing on the third day! It was the first time I rode a canoe, ♪(´ε` ) and it was super fun! ♥

Our canoeing place is next to the floating mosque.

If you like dessert this is the place! It's refreshing, smooth and not too sweet to my liking. (・∀・)

 So this is the road side curry mee place Win and I went, we initially went there for yummy asam laksa recommended by his dad! But it was not open : (

 Iced coffee for Win and nothing for me : ( They only have coffee and win said I'm not suppose to consume anything that contains caffeine. #okay

But the curry mee was a bit too spicy for me so I get to have a little :P
Although we had it as a substitute for asam laksa but it was not bad! Yums! 
I don't eat pig's blood jelly so I gave them all to Win.

 We went to the same place again the next day and finally! Asam Laksa! ♥ The portion is rather small as you can see but it was SO GOOD I was so tempted to order another bowl :P

 We then went to have the famous Penang TeoChew Chendul @ Penang Road for dessert! Perfect for a scorching hot afternoon! So nice we went there again the next day :P

The very meh Rojak I ordered to nom while waiting for chendul. I was feeling super gluttonous that day but I didn't even finish it. =x=

That's all for my holiday in Penang this semester break!  ♡