Friday, February 18, 2011

Valentines 2011

Finally finished my last final test paper this morning and I'm over the moon! So happy can! It's not everyday where you're able to say "Today was good." But today is the day! FREEDOM! XD I don't know, but this semester really feels more hectic than the previous semesters, never feel so stressed before. T_T And my fingers still feel sore after exams due to too much writing. =..= I need hand massages nao T__T

✿ ✿ ✿
Anyway, I know I'm 4 days late to say this, but this is our first V-day celebration post! ≧▽≦
It was a simple celebration though :D mainly to escape from the exam stress and chill a bit. We went to Mid Valley for a meal and movie. At first decided to go for Italliannies one.. (always love that place! ♥o♥ generous, yummy food portion and good services :D yum yum) But since we woke up late and the lunch became brunch and we had only one hour to eat lol so at last we decided to settle it at Pasta Zanmai.

Suddenly feel very lazy so I'm just gonna caption these and go to sleep. =3=
Kimuchi Taraba Nabe Pasta and California Rissoto Roll.

Juicy Unagi Kabayaki. Yumms.

The Tori Garlic rice which tasted rather normal. Win didn't like it very much. XD 

 Yogi Bears after meal! 

Beardog eating creampuff.. XD

And lastly, an awkward picture of myself. =3=

Moving to new place for next semester! Have to spend these two days packing and cleaning. T_T My sore fingers just can't rest.. 
Don't care d, sleep first. =3= Babai.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Kao Liese Bubble Hair Dye Review - Marshmallow Brown - CNY 2011

I recently bought this Palty Hair Dye online for like Rm38 per box, I have been thinking on whether to choose the brownish tone or reddish tone. In the end, I chose this because it says it will turn out to be an auburn hair color for dark-haired people like me. :D 

Anyway, here goes my 'hair-die' story:
I didn't get to try this because ''smartass'' me went and waited till the very last minute (cny eve morning) I initially went googled for video instructions and ended up I found out that 99% of the reviewers said that they have chest length-ed hair and one bottle is DEFINITELY not enough... My hair is like waist length ad. =3= The more I read, the more "what-ifs" thoughts I've had in my mind. fml it's cny eve, I don't wanna destroy my hair. T_T Buying another one is IMPOSSIBLE because I don't think it's selling locally and it will take sometime if I order online again. After awhile I came up with a second option which is to change my hairstyle! =D cut it short then gao tim! =D But then fml again, its cny eve. -_- most hair saloons are closed...

  Raspberry Macaroon. It smells really nice! Serious. XD
Sweet and Girly. ♥
Will post a review after I tried this :)

Lucky bro was in Aeon Jusco and I asked him to get me a Liese hair dye when he's back =D 
Problem solved. End of story. Haha.
Marshmallow Brown. 
This was not the color I wanted at first, I asked bro to get me the Milk Tea Brown or Chiffon Beige which is lighter but because both sold out and he gt this for me. 
Anyway surprisingly, one bottle was really more than enough for my hair length. After I spread it throughly on my hair, there were still 1/2cm of liquid left in the bottle. :D 

Nah. This is BEFORE I dye my hair. T_T Sad max. Why no one ever tell me my hair looks like this from behind T_T Dark roots showing and it looks so obvious and fugly especially under the sunlight. =3=

And tadaa. It turned out to be a gorgeous copper brown color. I like! :D
I would give this hair dye a rate of 4 out 5 stars!
What I like about it is that it's super easy and convenient to use, the price isn't cheap compare to other hair dyes like Loreal's, but compare to a saloon dye service, yes it is darn cheap. 
What is dislike about it is that the color only lasted about few weeks before it start to fade. And yes, I did used Loreal color lock shampoo. But I would most probably repurchase this because it's so fun to play with and it doesn't cost a bomb. ^_^

Oh and, thank you mum for helping me out. XD

Red nails for CNY! ♥

And nude nails for IDK! lol
Both colors are nice and I cannot decide which to put on so I end up putting both on different hands. Haha.

This year's cny doesn't really feels like cny because of stupid mmu new course structure. Unlike previous years where cny usually falls on semester break. Now worse, final exam after cny. =.= Stress giler.

Okay, end of post. XD
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