Friday, October 31, 2008

Fantasy Dream


When I go to sleep at night,
The first thing I see in the dark is light.

As my sleep deepens, so do my thoughts;
My dream world greets me and I know I’m caught.

I’m caught in an unconscious state with all of my swirling fancies.
There are delicate butterflies, light fluffy clouds, many chocolate candies, and other fantasies.

All of the colors are so vibrant and bright.
It makes me wonder, where’s the dark light?

So many grandiose things here, all beautiful and kind,
There are also surprises here, but they’re always benign.

As my journey continues through my vivid subconscious state,
I see delusional monkeys, and they scream: leave through the gate!
I’ve been in the dream world for too long, says the setting sun that tells me it’s getting late.

As I turned to the portal that would take me back to reality,
I realized then that I don’t want to go back, in actuality.

But now it’s too late, I’ve already crossed dimensions.
When my eyes flutter open, the effect of my dream released all of my tensions.

I know that now, I must start a new day,
But wait for me Fantasy World, for I will make a way,
Because there is no doubt that I’ll be back later this day.

by NotIntoIt3456

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Love☆Com [ラブ★コン]

haha don't u just LOVEE dis guy?
He's kawaii shyt and yes he's Teppei Koike (小池 徹平) from Gokusen2 and J'movie Love☆Com (Lovely Complex) I've just finished watching LoveCom today (thanks to vinny's intro) lols.. The movie is so adorable and teppei is kinda cute anndddd ..... SHORT =x haha stil prefer the anime and manga version of Love☆Com thou, i hope they can make this movie longer.. =/ they missed a lot of interesting parts =(((

anyhows, check out this photo
I guess some of u guys notice it too.. Ikuta Toma looks exactly like Teppei's twin in some of his photos! lols (@o@)

okiee back to the review... XD

Lovely Complex - Love★Com ( aka ラブ★コン Rabu★Kon), is based on the shojo romantic comic by Aya Nakahara. Its about a lovestory between a tall high school girl, Risa Koizumi (role by Ema Fujisawa) and her short classmate, Otani Atsushi (role by Teppei Koike).
There's a lot of awesome scenes in this movie, this is my fav part where where Risa and Otani, both fan of Umibozu the rapper sing together in karaoke XD cuteee!! haha

Not forget to mention abt their frens Nobuko, Heikichi (Nobu's bf), Chiharu and Ryoji (Chiharu's bf).. Ryoji's look kinda disappoints me honestly =x (no offense to the fans out there=xx), but he suppose to look more leng zai based on the manga/anime =( don really like his nerdy look in the movie >< (i hate his spec!) and Haruka Fukagawa (Risa's childhood fren who developed a childhood crush on her) and Seiko Kotobuki (err a cute cute gal in a guy's body -_-" ) didnt seem to appear in the movie, which is kinda disappointing.. ><" Anyway i love Maity sensei's way of saying YOROSHIII-QUEEEENNN in the movie XDD its so freaking funny *gg*.. =x overall its a nice movie to watch lahh. :P

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

1st post.

ahaha... 29 . Oct . 2008

Von and DOMOKUN offcially moved in... :P whee
which means, start blogging :D
[p.s]: found this kawaii shyt layout at, thanks to designer XAV. =)