Thursday, October 14, 2010

New addiction

My new addiction, also my very 1st time heh ---- Gacha Balls from Gachapon! 
I can finally see why people could get seriously addicted to it.
I'll show you why now. XD
These eggies cost RM4 each. Hoho. 

Each eggy comes with a brief instruction + description of the whole collection.
Mine is from the Sugarbunnies Gachapon! 
Was looking for a Rilakkuma's one but too bad there isn't any. (T_T)

Stickers to stick on the stamp boxes. 
Too cute! how can anyone resist this. (=3=) ♥ 

Komugiusa and Pandausa Set.
Get what I meant now? T_T ♥ WAY TOOO CUTE!!

 I was a stamp freak when I was younger. Shh.

Hanausa and Momousa Set.
It's PINK! ♥ T_T

 I want the rest of the collections! And hopefully there's a Rilakkuma Gachapon in Malaysia. *prays*

The prints. I did it by brushing the rubber stamp with color ink pens fml because I don't like the one given inside the box. =3=  
I can nao hash my own bunneh monogram. wtf.

Okiethat'sallbye. :D

Sunday, October 10, 2010

A New Friend.

A new friend.

It's Monkey Bear!
argh it is supposed to be an animated gif. -_-
I damn wuliao haha. -_-