Saturday, December 4, 2010

Gamma Trimester 2 Mid Term Break Starto.

Wheeee, it's finally break again. Whole of last week till this week, I'm packed with assignments, quizzes and homework again. : ( And it's not over yet, there are still plenty of them coming after break. T.T MMU course structure is insane, this break doesn't feels like a break at all. : ( Come to think of it, I haven't been out anywhere lately, except watching mid night movie in Alamanda Mall, if you call it an outing.

Disney's Tangled! : D (Rapenzel: A Tangled Tale here in Malaysia) I know I've heard the story during my younger age but somehow I don't remember the whole story anymore, unlike Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty. lol. The movie's graphics are very nice and the ending is somewhat sad and unexpected, call me lame, but it made me teared T.T 

Who needs a dog when you can have Maximus-ze-horse? XD

Lantern releasing scene. I love this, made me nose-wet lol
すごく綺麗な~ ヽ(´ー`)

Gahh, better back to work, I'm suppose to be writing my resume for next sem's internship. Should I make a simple portfolio site online? Idk T.T Still couldn't decide where I wanted to go. Decisions decision....

Know what you want to do, or nothing will be done.