Monday, August 16, 2010

Life like this

Lately life has been a bit like this...

Erm.. Honestly I don't know what to write here.. Just feel like updating the blog before mold begins to grow here. lol. But I stil don't know what to write. :( No inspiration, no motivation, no nothing. I forgot when is the last time I do what I really feel like doing the most. No, it's not emo bug, more like worries and stress overwhelming. And bad dreams.. T_T

I've fallen in love with Jason Mraz's songs lately, very musically soothing, never fails to put me in the right state of mind all the time. I love good slow, melodic songs. ♥ Hmm.

And fiinally, my new study partner. No more laggin PS and better sound system. W00ts~ :D
Well erm, something to happy about. lol.
Thank-kiu Marmy and Daddy. : )