Monday, January 31, 2011

2010 Year Recap

I finally blogged! lol, been busy doing assignment for the past few weeks, and after that I just feel like lazing around and basically do anything except school stuffs. XD This is kind of outdated but I just wanna do some 2010 year recap before Jan 2011 and CNY end. I was supposedly did this one month ago but I just didn't feel like it until now lol. I can't remember much thou due to my STM Freak Out Syndrome but anyhow I'll try my best to remember.. XD

Starting form Jan 2010! Erm shit I don't have any clue what I did.. XD

February - March
Also clueless. ●▂● Something wrong with my brain's memory.

I fell in love. ♥♥ Should say fell in a relationship to be exact. XD  It wasn't perfect, we fought a lot and attempted to break up for unwanted stupid reasons lol It's still not perfect but I guess that's how a relationship is. People have conflicts because we all have differences in some ways, there're always times where you have to bend, to compromise, to give up something up in order to gain something greater. It's not easy really, they've always said,  "Those closest to you hurt you most" is always true, because you care, and that you're now closer, you tend to notice their flaws more than their perfections. Sometimes a minor flaw makes you find out more flaws and eventually their perfections become invisible to your eyes. Loving someone despite of their obvious flaws is hard but we must also realize that we're not always right too, Sometimes try to stand on the other party's perspective and you'll see why. Since April till now,  I've learnt a lot and I do see a lot improvements in us and hopefully things will continually become better. :D

Dye hair for the first time. Not obvious thou and the color faded a lot so I'm gonna redye this new year :D woots!

Went to hubby's hometown, Penang during break. Hub had been a good tour guide and drove me around town to find good food! XD I miss the ou jian, coconut jelly, char kuey teow, cendol and etc already! Yummilicious to the maximus! (*¬*)

Null o_o

It was Huan-chan's birthday and we had a little bbq party at our house :D This is my favorite picture. lol!
Three drunkards in the house. XD

Seriously don't remember anything.. T_T Update only when I remember.

Sadly, the only happenings I remember in this month is my birthday.. =3= Time flies, I can't believe I'm already 20. =3= It always give me a nostalgic feeling when I think about how fast I grow from that kiddo who enjoys piggyback ride on dad's shoulder, loves to draw cards and make silly gifts for mum and dad during special occasions,  those friends who came into my life in these 20 years time, some left, some are still here... Hubby gave me a birthday surprise, with the house mates together, and I remember it was a green mint ice cream cake! and also 18 pressies!. He said it was the pressies that he owed me since the day I born minus two that he had given to me for the last 2 years ♥ XD October 9th is also Vin-chan's birthday and we got her a Rilakkuma XD I guess we wouldn't be able to see each so often after this semester but I hope we can still keep in touch and go for outing sometimes XD With Huan-chan. XD

First time applying for job and unfortunately being rejected. It was to be honest, a bit depressing T_T Didn't know job applying can be rather tough especially when you're a newbie. Not to mention that local game industry is seriously a bit sad. I spent one night searching for suitable games companies to work with and found a list of them, but only 20% are still alive, the rest are either closed down or I don't know, varnished? Filter out unsuitable locations and impossible companies and uninterested games genre, all I left with is a sad number of companies. T_T No biggie thou, life is harsh sometimes but I guess that's why most of the time, there is always a second chance.

No significant events but I still wanna write down for the purpose of reading back. XD
Completed my first 3d game, not extraordinarily good but I'm happy since it was my first try. Makes me realize my fond towards 3d stuffs and hopefully in this year, I can produce more related works. :D
Also, I've taken Taekwondo as  my co-curriculum-subject for this semester and thanks to it, my weekly routine become a little bit healthier haha. At least we're asked to jog every week and come back with bruises every time after training. *ouches* T_T 25th Dec, went for Christmas dinner with family, together with mum's sista's family, which is my ah yii. XD

Thank God for all the blessings he brings into my life and all the nice people I met throughout the year. 

Year 2010, I was mostly busy occupied by assignments and exams. Hmm.
It's soon Chinese New Year, should I get a new clothes for my blog? XD Maybe next time. haha.

Good Night and Happy Monday! :D