Thursday, June 30, 2011

It's a lazy afternoon.

Decided to paint my nails today since I have no class to attend to. I've always wanted to try this color! It goes so well with white and red! I'm mixing my Elianto turquoise and white color paints here to get a light color background. Ignore my short, fugly nails kthx, I decided to trim them because they got so annoying.This nail art is inspired from HERE. There are so many pretty nail arts! As usual, I did the white dots using toothpick.
Took me so much patience..

First meal of the day.


Monday, June 27, 2011

Toi Toi's 21st Birthday Celebration Dinner

Gathered at Coconut Flower Seafood Restaurant, Teluk Gong for Toi Toi's 21st birthday!
It was a late birthday celebration, because the exact date falls on Father's Day, where everyone's busy celebrating with their own family. (´ε` ) 

25. 6. 2011
The SR's birthday cake with mushy message on it. Muahaha! XD

Toasting with Coconut flower wine! Win tasted it for the first time and he kind of loves it. :P

Stars of the night - The Pink hush puppies gang. (¬ ε ¬)

A toast to our friendship! 
Friends Forever! 
ignore my distorted legs thankyou =3=

 Birthday card from all of us! So many couples XD

 Not forgetting the "almost-forgotten" Grace lol!
We didn't see each other for almost a year! Didn't realize it has been so long already T-T

Okay, that's all. I shall end this post with a picture of me in my teddy bear pj. =3=
Time to sleep!
お休み! ♡

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Unwrapping fun

Don't you love receiving parcels? I absolutely do! 
Went home during the weekend and saw two parcels lying on my table. (●▽●)
I certainly appreciate online shops who put efforts in wrapping your parcel! ♥
Love the packaging as much as what's inside!

This is a gift from UDC and nuvco
Visit them! UDC is selling a special collection from Spain and Japanese vintage brands now! There are so many pretty accessories as well! ♥▽♥

 Another parcel of clothes I bought from Reverie, a new blogshop by Kiminpink!
They've released their first pastel collection, and everything sold out so quickly!
So happy with my buys from them, the quality is superb! 

(=▽=) This totally made my day! Thank you UDC and nuvco!

This post is all about blogshops sharing simply because
good things are meant to be shared! XD

Friday, June 24, 2011

The Pale Palette

I'm so in love with pale, earthy tones now =▽= Especially nude, beige, tan (my surname wtf) and rosy pinks! Therefore, I decided to give my blog a new look! (After so long) I suddenly just have the urge of doing it, even though the blog is so dead and lack of update. ¬▽¬ Meh. At least I have bigger fonts, white background and space to comment now. Heh.
I have not even make the banner yet. =3= That's all for stage 1 lol, The next update will be delayed till I'm free again. I'm currently stressed with FYP and some other things. ╥﹏╥