Sunday, January 25, 2009

Laptop + Coke

(well u don't have to understand what it means if u do not understand lol just ignore.. )

Yesterday had been an awful day. I mean really awful... =_=
Guess what, i spilled coke on my laptop! Well actually it wasn't me who did it la, was a friend of mine who accidentally knocked a glass of coke and had it spilled on my lappie *sobs* At least half cup of the coke was poured on it, mostly on the keyboard. It totally freaked me out! The next thing i do was turn off the computer and take off the battery as water+electric = short circuit.. =_= i don't want my lappie to die at such 'young age' and i even called another friend of mine asking him what to do.. *sweats* Then i try to clean it up as best as i could, even used a cotton buds to wipe through all the coke traces beneath the keyboard's keys but stil i guess some had run inside the computer :(

After cleaning for hours, ( it really took me a lot of time to clean it damn D: ), my lappie looks brand new, however its only on the outside, so i just leave my laptop 'half-die' as i was afraid that if i turn on, water contacts with electicity, my laptop wil die.. =_= Also, i've heard about how corrosive the coke can be to electric appliances. It worries me. :'( But what worries me more are actually those artwrks i've done and saved inside, i don't have any backups for them... -_-

Things keep worries me until this afternoon i tried to turn on my laptop and suprisingly it works perfectly fine. :) But i do not know how long can it last like that =_= well i can only pray that it wil continue to work at least for a year.. I promise i wil sek u more... XD *lurveees* XD

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