Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My First Kinder Joy - Useless post of the month

I've been wanting to try Kinder Joy and yesterday the boyfie handed me two of these. ♥ I know it's a kid's thing with choco and toys inside but I'm always curious about what kind of choco and toy it has inside. Hahaha.
I assume there are people who share the same curiosity so I decided to blog about it. =3=
My Kinder Joy Not Experience.
It looks like this when opened up. Basically you just use the white thingie to pry out the choco balls and nom it.

I know this sure as hell doesn't look appetizing but trust me it's good. lol.
Taste like Nutella with choco. Or erm, melted Bueno wtf.
But RM3.++ for this quantity is really not worth it. Get a Bueno bar if you crave for chocolates, or Mcd Toy if you want a toy lol.
And the other shell of the egg is some fugly toys. 
There would be more joy for me if both sides were filled with choco. =3=

The elephant toy is still acceptable but the plane is really what turf. lol.


  1. AHAHA thanks for blogging about this! XD i had been curious about what is inside Kinder Joy too HAHAHA XDD

  2. HAHA was so tempted to try because my housemate filled the whole egg tray in fridge with these! but I guess no more second time XDD