Saturday, May 5, 2012

Pudding! Pudding!

Temporary back again! lol Been storing all these photos for awhile, and finally get the mood back to start blogging again.. -..- The 'many posts coming' turns out to be me busying preparing for my internship in Korea.. D: Thought I'd have more time here, but my weekdays are always super hectic with many due dates to meet, while the weekends are always too happening! lol! 

Ok, back to topic. So I've bought these Japanese Instant Desserts from Tokyo Street @ Pavilion thought it'll fun for me to 'cook' for my family once in a while.. XD #cheatone

 These are what I've got! Caramel Custard Pudding and Almond Tofu Pudding instant packs! 

These are the mixture packs inside.

In case you can't read Japanese, you can get the recipe online. :)
For caramel custard pudding, these are the ingredients that you have to prepare:
1. 300cc Fresh Milk 
2. 18gm of Egg Yolk

Then, divide the caramel sauce (in the packet) into cups/molds. For my size of bowls, it's only enough to make 2 servings. : (

After that, combine the pudding mix, milk and egg yolk in a pot and cook with medium flame until it boil. Remember to keep stirring so it won't burnt =3=
 Stir for around 1 minute then it shall be ready to be poured into the molds, with caramel sauce inside. 
Chill it in fridge for around 1 hour and it should be ready to serve! :D Super easy eh? 
Tadaa! It surely doesn't look as tempting as the one shown on the packaging =3= but it's quite yummy! 
Though I don't think my molds are suitable to make puddings as it turns out quite cacat-looking XD But it's the smallest and most suitable one I could find in my house =..= Should've just make a giga-pudding instead LOL

For almond tofu pudding, the ingredients are similar except that you don't need the egg yolks.
1. 250cc Fresh Milk (Divide into 2 portions: 150cc and 100cc respetively
2. 100cc Water

Then, follow the steps below:
1. Mix 100cc of water, 150cc fresh milk and powder mix ina pot and mix well.
2. Cook with medium flame until boiled and ad the remaining 100cc of water. 
3. Pour mixture into molds and chill in fridge for an 1 hour.

Almond puddings are not as good, the texture was smooth but a bit too watery. Plus, I'm not really a fan of almond lol my mum likes it though XD

Anyway, I think next time I shall try making the caramel custard pudding without the help of instant mix! XD


  1. finally back to business huh? =3=
    i want to eat pudding too T_T