Thursday, September 6, 2012

2136243787 Days of Nail Art.

Was organizing my photos and found out a dozen of nail art photos which I decided to blog about just to keep a record of the collection. X) Some of the photos are from 1254386482 years ago though. =x 

 First nail art I did on false nails. I have no idea how to wear them though. It seems painful to put on with glue. =3= So yeah, I guess I will just do them for fun. lol 

Some acrylic nails tools which I got to try out. Also months ago, before I went for internship and abandoned them.. :(

I did not get the proper nail tool to hold the fake nail so I referred to THIS tutorial on how to paint on false nails. It's so easy! All you need is cellophane tape!

 In case you were wondering what's the item packaged in clear zip pockets with numbers,
 the false nails come in all different sizes ranging 1 to 10. These are my sizes :D

The false nail cutter also comes with clear description, make things easy for a newbie like me! :D

There were too many photos, so I combined them so I don't have to scroll so much. =x Some of them are taken with mobile phone which explains why they're blur, and most of them (or maybe all) were done during my internship in Korea though =3= I don't know why but staying there always gives me the mood to dress up nicely. XD 
 Guess you can tell I'm kind of obsess with pink, nude and mint lol 

 Nope, my skin is not flaky, lol those are the traces of top coat that I applied and lazy to remove =x

These are some nail art that I did for two of my japanese friends in korea. and it was actually few days before I'm leaving kr so I was in fact kind of emotional.. We held a mini party in someone's room to chit-chat, gossip, chew on snacks, made fruit cocktail, and watch some japanese movie. lol They were super nice! >3< I was keep like 'sure or not let me draw lol' and was being super cautious all the time lol but they were like 'just draw whatever you like! treat our nails as a platform to practice etc..' LOL T____T I miss you guys already!


  1. im getting freaked out of our telepathy D:
    Just when i was about to do my nails because i've finally gotten some free time (left 2 days of classes and 1 presentation next week), i saw u updated ur blog (speaking of which, ure supposed to be free where did u gone missing?!).

    Anyway just freaking go open a nail salon already XD and please do FOC nails for me :P

    Love the first one and the two last ones >w<

    1. hello my long lost twins XD
      haha not really free to be honest.. Lots of things going on :(

      and y u say the same thing like my friend one?! lol! I can always do FOC nails for u, if u don't mind having these amateur wrk on your nails LOL
      anyway we should have stayover slumber party next time =x do some girly things together lolol

  2. Wow damn nice! How do u draw those cute animals?

    1. I used the nail art pen from Etude House! (^v^)Works like a correction pen haha