Saturday, June 6, 2009

Thailand trip - 1st Day

Thai trip - Day 1

11am - Arrived @ KLIA, makan and lepak at McD while waiting for the flight.
My bro and the noisy sparrow :P

View from plane, beautiful, isnt it? :)

Suvarnabhumi Airport @ Bangkok, heard it's the largest in Asia.
First Thai phrase i learnt XD haha (means hello)
Sawadika - for females
Sawadikap - for males

The famous chaotic traffic jam at Bangkok. I guess that's the reason why u can see a lot of fly-overs in Thailand.
O ya, the Toyata in Thai are like Proton in M'sia. Its very common there cos i heard Toyata is kinda cheap there compare to M'sia, it can be said as the most affordable car brand, even the taxis are Toyotas, and they change it every 10 years, so most of taxis there look brand new and very clean! ..unlike our country's ._.
and i'm amazed that the honking of a horn is seldom heard, nobody seems to mind waiting.. very omoshiru :P
Thai people are VERY polite and helpful. M'sia is famous of our friendliness, but Thai is even better! =S maybe its because of their religion, i'm not sure :P Majority of them speak only Thai, but if you travel around the China Town, you will be suprise that some understand and speak Mandarine, even some chinese dialect :P

First place we headed to: McD for Pork Burger XD something u wont get in M'sia lol

The 4-faces Brahma statue located by the Grand Hyatt Erawan Hotel, near the Bangkok sky train's Chitlom Station.
They said its worth a visit but i don't know what's so special about the statue (-,-) Was so crowded there, I left after taking few pictures ._.

Passed by this place when heading to the hotel, its King Rama VI statue if i'm not mistaken. He is the son of King Chulalongkorn and grandson of King Mongkut. ( sejarah form5 XD)
There's an interesting story behind it. Go find out if ya wanna know, i'm too lazy to write evrything out heh. :P

Before checking in the hotel, we went to a local seafood restaurant for dinner, food was okay but nothing special.

Place we stay for the night- Mirama Hotel, Bangkok.
Clean, quiet, comfortable, inexpensive.. If you're looking for a nice place to stay in Bangkok, this is it. :D

Thai Whiskey is provided at the mini bar in every room :P

Was then too early for bed time after unpacking my stuffs, went for a short walk at the local market near by... Tried Thai Ice Cream, only 10 baht per stick! cheap! :P had two, love the Green Tea flavor :P

Photo of the day! cute misa.

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