Thursday, May 28, 2009

Finally reached home!! =DD *hugs Domo*!!

The Chinese Dragon Boat festival is here again and I've been having a craving for bah chang since the past few weeekkkss.. but you just cant find pork in the stupid Cyberjaya and I was having exam T__T
Finally, I had my long craving 'bah chang's aka the chinese rice dumplings after I reached home today.. *shuang~* XD
.... the joy of unwrapping a bundle full of secret treasures buried within those aromatic bamboo leaves..... @_@
aww I'm craving for MOREEE!!!! XD again, its the time for foood hunting heh :PP
Talking about bah changs, my favorite one is of course granny's Teowchew bah chang, YUMMY i tell you!! XDD *forgive me, but i always get excited when talking about food lol* guess i'm gonna pay her a visit next week, =) grandma i miss you.(r) (pork dumplings)! =x

oh yea, a friend of mine is joining this competition--
25 Most Wanted Ruummates.
Help support him by registering an account in
and vote for him. Voting starts on 1st of June. Check out his blog too eh,

here's something i 'steal' from the blog XD the awesome-o banner! haha

the Derek-Rangers, I like the yellow one XD Derek's becuming a 'she'? heh

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