Saturday, July 11, 2009


Haha was stuck when doing the programming assignment so i end up surfing around and.. I found this cool website where you can make babies! XD Its so funny, lol-ed a lot while doing it XD I'll show you the babies i made HAHA

This is the baby of Megan Fox and.. Shrek! haha the baby came up unexpectedly... normal lol
It suppose to become a green ogre, no? Princess Fiona kissed Shrek and turned green oso t(-.-t)

Now let's try to make some smart-looking baby :D

Let's match up Angelina Jolie and Albert Einstein, Beauty and the Brain, woot o_o

However, the baby turned out like this........

WTH, even got wringles and facial hair =.= is this even a BABY? bleh

Finally, a cute looking one, not bad not bad.. Zhang Zi Yi and Takeshi XD nice traits.. this lil guy probably gt the genes from his father, he will grow up and become a leng zai like his dad also i'm sure LOL

This is another version of Beauty and the Prince produced by Takeshi and Yui Aragaki. I'm using another program XD

But WHY! WHY the baby looks so keomgan =_= not even cute.. sad baby

My First baby with Yamapi! Long lashes, i like! XD no doubt he looks better than the product of Yui and Takeshi thou, but then how can 2 yellow asians produce a baby that looks like indian?! LOL

My second baby with Yamapi.
Gosh why did it turned out like this??!! the baby looks like i owed him 3 billion.. t(-.-t) sad long face. He looks too different with his bro. Yamapi I hate you T-T LOL

okay, its 1am now. I think i shall stop procrastinate and get back to do my assignment T_T


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