Saturday, July 18, 2009

SP outing!

Being awake for few days in a row is tiring T_T i didn't even get to sleep for more than like 13 hours this week? insomnia kills.. t(-_-t) Went out with housemates this afternoon, actually we were planning to watch Ice Age 3D today, but due to shortage of seats, we terpaksa cancel the plan :( we actually booked tickets on the day before that, but then apparently the cinema were having some ''technical problem'', so ALL the tickets were sold, even the booked ones -_- stupid larr T__T

*jiang jiang jiang jiang* the four-plus brothers in our house ._.
Mina-san, this is the pikachu in our house who always curi our electricity for her thunder bolt charging purpose ._.

We had our lunch at BBQ Plaza, and while waiting for vin and her sis to come and join us, huan and me ate like two starving monsters XD Toooo hungry...

Vin seems hungry also XD *rawr*

MOW vanilla ice cream from Shojikiya. It was O' so yummers! @_@ feel like eating again.. but i think i will try the matcha flavour next time :P

Shopping here and there.

Suka. XD

Argh I need to sleep now. I don't want to wake up tomorrow morning looking like a panda =.= Tired. So many fun to have, So many things to be done. Sigh.

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