Thursday, March 25, 2010

Carnival of Japan 09/10

Bwahaha.. The Carnival of Japan 09/10 has finally came to an end! :)
Cultural Night was a blast! :) Food fair and Exhibition went pretty well also. Well worth the effort!

Minna, otsukaresama! :D

Everything has ended with mixed feelings. A joyous day but a heavy heart. >_< Glad cause to me, it was a successful event. A bit "mm seh dak" cause everyone is now back to their usual daily routine again. Hahas. This is my first time joining an event as a high-comm and it was a pretty good experience to get to work with different people. :) Although there were times when there was a lot of works, conflicts, stress.. but there were also times when we all had fun and had a good time :)
Damn hungry and exhausted and my leg muscles are like freaking pain nao but Ahh, I'm so happy. :'D
Around 6/7am in the morning, worked till morning and went to KFC for breakfast.
wooi sin in action o_o banyak actions lol

 Forgot what they were looking at lol

Hokee: Yeh Yeh~ I can has kentucky fried chicken!
Aaron: Err can you put down your leg, smelly lah!

The yakuzas.

Wooi: Faster tell! How much money you wanna borrow!
WC: *snap*

Our CyberP booth's "jiu pai" :D

thank you wooi sin for giving me this cute finger puppet haha XD

Our cyberpreneurship assignment has ended today as well.. ahh feels guilty cause I didn't help much during the 3 days >_< sorry.. and we forgot to snap a group photo! ahh sad T-T I'll definitely miss our "jiu pai" orange milkshake :P

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