Monday, March 8, 2010

Imma chubby cookie monster.

TAADAA! Half an hour of "hard work" sitting in front of laptop watching anime while doing this cheat-one lace nail art.. haha. ❤ 

However I hardly do this to my nails due to a number of reasons:
1. No time to experiment. Waiting for the nail polish to dry up completely is a friggin boring and time-wasting thing to do. -_-
2. It never last more than 2 days. My fingers never stop moving, heart pain if they kena scratched. T-T Hardwork wey! Requires uber geng concentration to do it kay XD
3. No one will notice. HAHAHA. I mean, who so free will go and stare/look at your nails while talking/meeting with you lol. - -"
Nowadays, I'm too lazy to even put a simple coat of nail polish to my nails, needless to say if it's about drawing on them =.= sighs. But I decided to try it out since it's holiday! :D Have to spoil myself a little after few weeks of stress. fml.  

The tutorial can be found HERE. :)
Thanks vin for sharing the link. 

ps: I'm fat!! T__T 50 friggin kilos! FML.. before this I was asked by my friends many times if I'm in a relationship or what. I said no, then they were like, 'Really? but you look so 'xing fu' woh.' (sarcastically means living a good life) See la, these are the kind of friends I have. T-T fml. I didn't put their words in mind cause I thought my face was always that chubby so maybe they don't see me very often and think I've changed. But another friend of mine notice it too. One day as usual, we went for weekend yumcha session and out of the blue, he goes, 'Yvonne ar, you fat jor wor...'. I was like wth, first time in my life I was told that I'm fat?! OMG?! Should I be happy or what? T-T cause since I was in primary school, everyone told me I'm too skinny and should eat more and yada yada yada. fml, like since when I eat less? -_- Being skinny is definitely not my fault k, what to do.. I'm born like this.  T-T 
Then he continues, 'but you look nicer this way', and 'Everyone! Faster say yvonne pretty!' -.- and there goes my sweats, I don't know if he was trying to make me feel better or what, hopefully not la lol. Don't do this to me la, I treated you as my close friend T-T 
And then after that, everyday, I feel like my pants/skirts are getting tighter than before, -_- I'm not sure if it's some kind of psychological illusions or what, but somehow I feel like I've gained some weight T-T Should I be happy or should I not.. doshiooooo.....
and Today, as usual, I went to the kitchen to grab something to munch lol FML(tamchiak as usual sobs), my housemaid told me, 'yvonne you dah gemuk~', (she went back her hometown for like few months so she notice the difference, that's what I believe T-T ) my brother was there too and he agrees with her, 'ya woh, you dah gemuk'.. OMG.. once again, *falling in despair*..I was being told more than once, meaning I've really gained some weight T-T *bangs wall* what to do.. wth I cannot accept this... *runs in circles* Can someone teach me how to lose weight, pleaseee.. *teary puppy eyes* ToT

Seriously, Need to Stop Nom-ing!!

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