Sunday, November 7, 2010

Cbox getting all kinds of spams.

Lately, I started to notice my cbox is getting all kind of spam links. -_- Which I find it really annoying and starting to get on my nerves -_- Seriously, all these stupid people/website/company should get banned or something. Some of them are even pornography websites (I suspect based on the names used-_-). FML. And who knows, some of the sites might contain virus. -_- But I manage to clear the message and ban the links somehow.

Just go to your cbox profile, click "Messages" on the Control Panel. Tick the spams and ban+delete+report. All the buttons should be somewhere around the right top part.

Even Mr. Mario spammed. -_- Maybe his girlfriend overspent, so he decided to earn some extra money by spamming. F Peach's L.

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