Monday, November 8, 2010

Emo Days

It's one of those days again... 

...where everything starts to fall apart and nothing seems right. :( I'm stressed, irritated and emo.. I dunch like this.. T_T I've indeed been very negative since the beginning of this sem.. T_T Every little things seem to irritate me.. T_T I'll probably die of high blood pressure and heart attack if this continues. *AHH* 

It's mainly about the internet here, and it's becoming worse lately! I really feel like whacking their door and scold those who causes this in their face. I wanna do that so badly naoo. =..= If it isn't because I can't be sure whether or not it's their doings, I'd done that long ago. -_- It's evil but I've been enduring for so long I cannot tahan ad.. T_T Don't they have some self-integrity or pride.. It's been discussed and complained so many times, over and over again. -_- 

I have a habit of keeping things to myself since long ago, maybe this is the consequences.. T_T Not enough memory to store anymore unhappiness so it's exploding.. T_T I wanna go theme park play roller coaster and scream my lungs out. .. T_T ..or or.. eat boxes of ice cream until I puke rainbows. =v="

I seriously need to change my attitude and look at the brighter site to discover joyful things in my life and be grateful about it, have to stop letting the same old shit and people influence my mood.. I don't wanna die young.. =A=

"nothing can bring you happiness but yourself" - Anonymous.

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