Thursday, April 7, 2011

Growing molds during holiday.

Instead of growing molds during holiday, I finally decided to do something 'useful'. =3=
Er, which is setting up the preloved blogshop.
The template is actually done since ages ago, like last last (x infinite) school break,
I actually just have to start taking picture of my stuffs, edit and upload them.
But I'm just lazy like that.
No la, I don't wanna take lousy quality photos using my 2mp phone camera cause I'm a thoughtful seller. =.=
(in denial)
Nah here you go:

It looks so dead. T_T But I don't wanna put cbox later kena spam =.=
It's nothing but a simple header, but..
I seriously think it look nicer than this blog lorh! T_T
More organized as well. T_T
not to say I don't like the current one, maybe i'm just gotten bored.
Time. to. make. new. blogskin. for. this. blog.

Anyway, feel free to tell me if you have something to sell in your wardrobe.XD
I don't mind sharing the site hehe
(Friends only thou =x) 

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