Saturday, October 15, 2011

Holiday in Penang.

Finally done editing the photos! I'm separating them into two posts as I have too many photos to post for SG trip! It's gonna be a picture-heavy post! :P

So, it's almost every semester that I'll follow Win to his hometown, Penang. :D I love Penang! It's my second favorite state next to my own hometown. :3 This time we planned it before our SG trip because Win had to renew his expired passport, we stayed there for around 5/6 days so he can spend more time with his family. During those day, we had spent almost every meal in eating Penang famous street food!

I must say that Penang has a very different eating culture. Unlike my place where we usually settle our supper at mamak, 24/7 fast food chains or franchise cafes that open till mid night, like Station One where young people usually hang out. In Penang, you have 24 hours access to a variety of yummilicious street food! (*¬*) My favorite place for supper is the stall selling wantan mee and stewed chicken feet with mushrooms near Free School Road. It's my favorite place for wantan mee so far :D 
I love this place! It's full of big, old buildings. I took some photos of the old buildings in the area when Win was trying to drive us to the famous cendol place, but we kind of lost our way so plan failed XD

Then we passed by Fort Cornwallis and I asked Win why he never bring me to those historical, tourisy spots in Penang, and guess what, he said he doesn't even know there is such place o.o. (=.=")

 Nope, this photo is not about Real Steel XD
We stopped at a traffic light on our way home and I saw this, then I jokingly told Win, see! boyfriends must be GOOD and RICH XD Then Win made this =.= face and said, the owner of that shop must be a lady XD

Poser. XD Win took me canoeing on the third day! It was the first time I rode a canoe, ♪(´ε` ) and it was super fun! ♥

Our canoeing place is next to the floating mosque.

If you like dessert this is the place! It's refreshing, smooth and not too sweet to my liking. (・∀・)

 So this is the road side curry mee place Win and I went, we initially went there for yummy asam laksa recommended by his dad! But it was not open : (

 Iced coffee for Win and nothing for me : ( They only have coffee and win said I'm not suppose to consume anything that contains caffeine. #okay

But the curry mee was a bit too spicy for me so I get to have a little :P
Although we had it as a substitute for asam laksa but it was not bad! Yums! 
I don't eat pig's blood jelly so I gave them all to Win.

 We went to the same place again the next day and finally! Asam Laksa! ♥ The portion is rather small as you can see but it was SO GOOD I was so tempted to order another bowl :P

 We then went to have the famous Penang TeoChew Chendul @ Penang Road for dessert! Perfect for a scorching hot afternoon! So nice we went there again the next day :P

The very meh Rojak I ordered to nom while waiting for chendul. I was feeling super gluttonous that day but I didn't even finish it. =x=

That's all for my holiday in Penang this semester break!  ♡


  1. nom post!
    and the first one is model?! XD
    Btw, yea girls shouldnt drink too much coffee T_T But i love coffee ._.

  2. Hahah The first one is a fatty =3=
    me too! T_T But I love tea more compare to coffee. XD Now I have to avoid drinking also because both contain caffeine D: Greeeen teaaa T_T

  3. ehhh why why?? why cannot drink too much coffee??

  4. Last time I heard excessive caffeine is bad for pregnant lady and people with several health problems, but some say it's actually good for health XD so I still drink them once in a while XD But lately is cause I'm told to stop caffeine intake because of my gastric problem since it will somehow stimulate the secretion of gastric acids T___T