Thursday, October 13, 2011

Bohemian Style Turqoise Nail Art

Whee I'm back! While editing the photos from my holiday trip, I'll share about a nail art which I painted some time ago. It is inspired from the Nail Up! Magazine and a cute ring set I bought from Travellers Jewellery. They sell tonnes of pretty, affordable accessories and their service is quite efficient too. I did this nail art because I was sort of sick of geometry nail arts with dots and lines, laces and florals which I usually add =3=, so I decided to try something different instead, and it matches the adorable ring set so well! Here, I'm using my favorite bottle of nail polish, it's from Elianto (in case you're curious), I wouldn't say it's super good in quality, but for it's price, I think they're okay, and I absolutely love the color! ♥  I've also got a new bottle of similar but lighter color from Nature Republic! Will do a nail art with it this weekend :D

Erm I'm not sure if it's bohemian style, because the tiny elephants make me feel so indian hahaha XD

*Do some random indian dance moves*

I shall continue to do my editing before I lose my blogging mood and decided to play games again. Kbai.