Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My 21st Birthday Pressies.

Ok lah, this is a very very late birthday post which I was suppose to update few weeks ago. And this was not even what I initially wanted to post today haha XD but since I was transferring and editing photos from my camera, I thought I might as well get them all done at one time. ( ´ε`)ノ♪

In fact, the reason I've been dragging to post this is because I don't really have anything much to write about. lol! My 21st birthday this year was a fairly quiet one, can't really celebrate it or go out on that day since it was the first day class started for this semester fml (>~<) and so I certainly did not expect to receive any gifts from anyone other than family and boyfie haha because he already got me an early birthday gift during our trip to sg. :P 

After the class on the next day of my birthday, Huan passed me a paper bag with a silver box beautifully wrapped inside! (>///<) ♥ haha! I was like (☆o☆) when I saw this card inside the bag! XD It's a hand-made card! I love hand-made cards cause they're much more personal and heart warming. ♪( ´▽`) I actually have that habit of collecting letters/cards and even little hand drawn/written memos since young lol Most of them are from those times where internet was not so commonly used yet. *feels great nostalgia* (>~<) Ok back to the topic. (=ε=)

The card looks like this! Full of usachan and kumachan and other things that I love! ♥
Thanks everyone and Vinchan who made this card! (´▽`)
 Super love this 3D cupcake tower! XD Too damn cute!  XD

A box full of bunny goodies! (☆o☆)!!!!

I love this box of pinky goodness!  ♪(๑´⍢`๑)
The TM bunny hand cream is too cute I don't wanna use it! haha

There is also a nice quote behind the box that I like very much.  
"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. they must be felt with the heart." - Helen Keller
which reminds me of my favorite quote from The Little Prince.
"One sees clearly only with the heart. Anything essential is invisible to the eyes."

I also got a birthday letter from an old friend, 小红.  ♥
And it came with an adorable pair bunny ear studs! 
Unfortunately  I don't have ear piercings and since its ear studs I cannot transform it to ear clips or anything (╥﹏╥) 小红 suggested that I should use it as badges instead which I think is a pretty good idea! :P 

And tadaa! My first birthday pressie that boyfie gt for me in sg XD Even though I'm a fan of Rilakkuma and Korilakuma, I don't really own a hug-gable sized plush of them, so Win got one for me on our last day in sg :P Finally a huggable Korilakuma added into my collection! (≧▽≦)

And no, Korila didn't came with the red shirt on XD HAHA Korila 'borrowed' it from Coffee (=ε=) and somehow it makes him looks like a chinaman (with that red hat) lmao.
dong dong chiang~ ♪

 My bedside guardians.

 They need to be feeded too. (=ε=)

Belated pressie from parents.  ♥ Tiny pendant! LOVE! (=▽=)

The most belated gift which I received two days ago? lol Thanks hokee! :D 
He will be well taken care of by the bedside guardians. XD 

Also, not forgetting those who drop me birthday messages on fb and phone. Thanks all! 
I am so lucky to be blessed with a loving family, a nice boyfriend and a bunch of good friends!
(^_^)/* ♥


  1. wah really late =3=~~~~
    btw the bunny box i purposely buy it because i think it is really cute so that its suitable for u to put some little accessories inside too! XD
    Glad that you like it! XD

    Btw long time no see misachan and coffee T_T

  2. haha! yar it's really useful! XD I use it to put my rings and hair bows hehe XD
    You can come visit them anytime you want XD domokun is here too hahah!

  3. My Rilakkuma size is same with yours!
    maybe go for a dating one day, hahass!;D

  4. really? XD hahaha! rilakkuma, korilakkuma and kiirotori! ♥