Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Colourful Leopard-prints Nail Art and 3D Gyaru Nail Art

This post is all about the nail arts that I did during these two weeks time! ♥
The first one that I'm gonna share about is this colourful leopard-printed nail art. If you know me well, you'll certainly know that I'm normally not an animal print person, I don't own anything with animal prints except crocodile and other similar reptile prints, the rest are simply too wild and sexy for me. (>~<") But I was being lazy that day and it so happened that I stumbled across a colorful leopard print nail art photo painted with neon colored dots. It looks good and easy to make, ♪( ´▽`) so I decided to try it.

I'm using pastel colors and a white base here for my leopard prints. (^o^)/* So it wouldn't look so bold and wild. The photo above are the nail polishes that I've used. :D hehe.

 Then, use a brown nail color to paint the 'edges' on. I'm using brown instead of black for the purpose of toning it down too. I think bronze or a soft gold color will also turn out nice. ♪(=ε= )

After that, apply a layer of topcoat and tadaa! Nails are done in less than erm 10-15 minutes? haha.
The topcoat that I'm currently using is Seche Vite™ dry fast top coatIt's super thick and awesome! It dries up really fast and leaves your nail glossy. And the best thing is that, you don't even have to wait for the bottom layer to dry when applying! Woots! Saves me plenty of time. (=ε=) Seriously a must-have item if you love playing with your nails. After applied this, my nail lasted for almost 2 weeks without chipping! ♪( ´▽`)

These are obviously not my fingers hahah! Sis wanted a simple and girly nail art so I did this for her. I also did another one for mum that day lol but since they look almost the same (mum wanted a simpler one =ε="), so I didn't take picture of it.


I finally received a new batch of nail art decos that I bought from Nail Princess Gallery yesterday! The reason I keep buying from this shop is because they're selling everything at a very cheap price and there's a whole lot of pretty nail decos to choose from! ♡♡♡ 

My favorite buy this time is definitely the 3D gel nail art pen! 
(Wanted to get it last time but it was out of stock) :( 
It is similar to the normal art pen but what's awesome is that it produces 3D results similar to arcylic and gel nails! (≧▽≦) It is a bit watery and not as sharp but I think it's really good enough. It doesn't need a lot of troublesome procedures like acrylic and gel and it's quite cheap too.

This is my first attempt! :D - Gyaru Nails! 
I only do heavy-decorated nails once in a while cause they're very time-consuming to make. (╥﹏╥) and I always end up decorating only my left hand sobs. Anyone willing to help me with my right hand? lol XD

 The 3D-looking bow, flowers, heart and gem are all made using the gel pen. ♡
Make sure you have a thick base applied on because I don't know what it might do to your nails =\ It is in fact recommended to use it the other way which I will show later. :)

Also, I used a shimmery/clear colored nail polish this time to replace the glue because somehow it makes my nails weak and it's a pain in the ass to wash off! Argh! (>人<;)

I really love the Victorian-looking pearl/gem design on my thumb nail! This is how it looks without flash. :P I did not manage to find one as large as this so I made it myself using the gel pen and some shimmery chips. :P

So this is the other way of using the gel pen. It's like making cookies! hahaha. First you get the basic shape done on a piece of plastic/glass or laminated paper, leave it to dry. After that, start coloring up the details with nail colors. Easy as that. :D You can keep them to use as stickers or nail decos. ♪( ´▽`)  There are also other colors available in the shop (you can get them in a set) but they're all very bright/neon colors which I don't really fancy so I only bought the white ones ♪( ´θ`)ノ

That's all for this long, texty post! I will not be updating again anytime soon due to my busy coming schedule.
 (╥﹏╥) Kthxbai.


  1. super love this post!!
    especially the gyaru design * 3 *
    Do for me the rilakkuma ones! The one i did too cacat T_______T

  2. omg super nice!! *-* you really are talented! *-*

  3. lilzYumiko: haha mine has cacat edges actually =x cause the peeling process is a bit hard >_< I prefer doing it on nails XD

    YingHuan: haha! thanks XDD faster tryout ur nail deco kits XD I wanna see the result le :P

  4. I like the leopard prints!! thanks for tutorial, heee! ;)

  5. haha glad u love them XD thanks for dropping by! xoxo! :P

  6. wow really pretty nail art!!! you're really good at it!

  7. haha =x thanks Kim! nice to have you drop by! XDD