Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Nom nom date.

Planned an outing to Pavilion mall because there's a Rilakkuma shop in Tokyo Street that I really really wanted to visit. (>3<) Turns out that it's only a corner selling Rilakkuma stuffs and I didn't spot anything that I want. :( But never mind, I get to nom nice food, chit-chat session with boyfie and do some shopping in the end haha
Quick makeup and simple outfit for the day. Tried highlighting the tip and bridge bone of my nose with concealer to make nose appears sharper and narrower #cheatone lol I guess it's a success? HAHA!

Our first nom nom stop was Cafe Takahashi @ Tokyo Street, who's specialty is Japanese-fusion pastas. :D Didn't plan on what to eat and got tempted by the attractive food displays cause we were seriously damn starving.
(´д`) The restaurant was surprisingly empty I guess it's because it was a Monday? I usually plan my outings on non-weekend-days to avoid traffic jams and crowds. (=3=)

Remember to check in on FB if you dine here to enjoy a 10% discount. (≧ε≦) We did checked in but forgot to show lol! I only remember after we settled the bill #phail (=3=")

 This is Win's Chicken Teriyaki Curry cheesebaked pasta. Interesting combination eh? It was quite good! The portion was rather small but Win almost cannot finish it hahaha even though he said it was yummy, maybe it's the cheese? hmm..

My Salmon Curry cheesebaked pasta. Yes, we have similar taste buds. XD 

Gyoza with minced meat and chives! I think it's pretty nice, eating it with the vinegar dipping sauce.. (*¬*) 

We ordered a black sesame milk shake to share since we planned to have an afternoon tea session later haha.

 Black sesame dessert can never go wrong, provided that you're a sesame lover haha. Yums! ♡

Nom nom spot #2 was at En Ginza Cafe. It's pretty easy to spot, locating at the entrance of Tokyo Street, opposite of Kindori Aisu. A friend recommended this place so I decided to go check out. (☆ω☆) I gt all excited after knowing that they do cute coffee form art for their coffee! ♥ 

Matcha cake for sharing! The matcha flavour was pretty intense and aromatic, layered with cream and bean paste. Good stuff! Even non-matcha lovers like Win likes it. XD

Blackcurrant and chocolate macaroons! The blackcurrant one was kind of too sweet but the chocolate one was good, according to Win haha.

Mocha with Hello Kitty form art done by a leng zai barista lol! But I didn't get to have this cause I was having the painful-monthly-shit, so I had a cup of hot chocolate instead of this. D: Nevermind, looking at it is still satisfying. XD 

 Hauls for the day! ♥ (≧▽≦)

 Some random snacks from Mercato Marketplace. Gonna make those puddings after all these mess hoho! ( ´▽`) I bought that Watapachi cotton candy snack out of curiosity. XD Their tv ad is super weird can. LOL



  1. the black sesame dessert looks really yummy! *-*

  2. Haha! It's quite good XD Taste more like ice cream than milk shake lol!

  3. gyoza!!! and black sesame!! >3<~ naisu!!

    i also want pudding >3<

    and rilakkuma !!! XD

  4. hahaha go buy! During CNY can make for ur family :P Yerrow pudding = Ong CNY! XDDD