Sunday, January 8, 2012

First weekend of 2012.

 Temporary back! lol Spent my first weekend of 2012 at home cause I have not go back for a long time. D: More than a month I think? (T~T) Mummy called me almost every week asking me to go home. haha! Last month has been the busiest month of the semester. =.= My schedule was packed with assignments due dates fml. And it's not even over yet! 2 more weeks to bare till freedom T_T CNY!!

So, I have this habit of having a new planner/organizer every year. 
Tadaa, this is the one for year 2012! I think it's the cutest so far hahah! Well, since it's gonna be the end of the world this year so I might as well get the cutest one right? wtf lol
There're a lot blogshops selling these cute planners, diary and other paper goods, Paperlovin, Lollypupu, Scrapbook Sheep, One Hot Minute etc. I got mine from the scrapbook sheep :D

 It comes with two sticker sheets! Love it cause I'm a sticker freak (>♥<) 

Cute planner must be used with other cute stuffs yes? haha Some of these are from Daiso, they have a lot of  cheap and cute paper goods! (✰•✰) I always dig my handcraft treasures there lol. 

As you can see, it's pretty mini in size. I can easily fit it into any bags nao. :D

 The sheets inside looks like this. The last few pages are note sheets, I normally use them to record my financial expenses haha and most of them are online shopping records lol! It's mainly to control my spending and keep track of my parcels. =x

Honestly, I still prefer the old one.. It's a gift from AIA insurance haha! =.= The new one doesn't have dates or monthly planning sheets that looks like this (T__T) 

 Bye bye 2011 planner.. (ㅠㅅㅠ) You have served me well.. 

 I have this herbal chicken soup craving for a long time T_T so I requested for it when I was at home lol Thankiu mummy and maid (>♥<) It's so good to be at home T___T

 One of the "omiyages" I requested when the whole family went Thailand last two weeks. HAHAHA cause I bu shuang they get to have nice tom yam there while I facing assignment shits alone in cyber.. T__T I don't know if we have this here. It's really good! I'm a sucker for tom yum soup and asam laksa. (*¬*)

Snacking all day at home. =x

Lastly, although it's a bit late but here's my 2012 new year resolution :D

1. Stay positive

2. Be less awkward around people in real life T_T

3. Be nice haha


  1. i din even realize u got like button liao!
    I like that XDDDD hahahaha
    becoz i ist fb addict =3=

    ya i like monthly planning sheets like that that's why im using the gcalendar so often now XD
    But i think having a planner is more convenient coz i still prefer writing it on a paper >3<

    and did i mentioned before i love your editing?
    esp with all those florals! so nice!

  2. Last time editting my header sun bian add one XD
    Exactly!! It feels different jotting thgs down on gadgets and paper D: I prefer the old school way haha!
    HAHA! thankiu >3<