Sunday, October 4, 2009

Happy Mid Autumn Festival

We Heart Us. ♥

Time really flies and it is another time to celebrate the mid autumn festival. Have a belated happy and joyous Mid-Autumn Festival peeps. :) Hope you had fun burning the lanterns. XD For this year, we hold a barbecue gathering to celebrate. Its not really a ''gathering" thou, since we see each other like almost every weekend sooo sien until we feel like stabbing each other in the face with a knife XD ahahaha just kidding :P Enjoy the photos. I brought the wrong camera so don't mind the quality. T-T Lumix is really useless at night and my 2MG mobie lagi tak payah cakap. T_T

This is the day before. Our usual weekend routine, lepak at a cafe and talk rubbish. :P

Dada the emo kid is in despair... Slurrrrps~

I Poke You.
Looked so happy kena poke. XD

The couple :)

Lalala.. I drink beer using a straw :P

Apple Tea actually XD

The night.

Dada's coffee wanna join us for bbq chicken wing and grilled fish -_-
Why same name with my teddy one.. He's alot more leng chai T-T

More to come, in facebook :)
Next time let's hold a theme partae :P


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