Sunday, October 18, 2009

19th Birthday Highlights! Thank you!

Had a great and surprised birthday this year. :) Thanks to all my new and old friends, people from youth fellowship and my family! :) Thank you sooo much for making this day really special. :D

Thanks to everyone who send me birthday greetings through text msges, Msn, Facebook, Friendster, blog and 12talks forum :D Yes, I saw it and I'm very suprised that you still remember me. Haha. I am very thankful for the thoughtfulness and cherish each message I have received. Many thanks!

People from youth fellowship: Thanks all! :D The cake was yummy!
Old Buddies: The Sardin bun and birthday cake was certainly a surprise! Love you all XD
New and old kawan: Thanks for the pressie! I love it! Way awesome haha.
Family: Words can't say enough. Thank you :)
Vinny: Thanks for making the day so special :)
Reeta: Haha I won't cry but I'm very happy. :P
Antony: Thanks for singing a birthday song for me on the phone XD I should've recorded it hahah.

For the most part, almost all of us have this at any given time - friends and family who cheer for us, who love us, and wish us well. We sometimes forget about them in the scramble and busy-ness of the day to day. They're there - those reasons to be happy, those people who care for us - it's just not oftentimes easy to remember they're there.

Sorry and thank you. :')

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