Friday, October 16, 2009

Time is running

Fuuh =.= I've been rotting at home like nobody's business for the one whole week since last Thursday. Facebook and Youtube have became part of my daily routine. =.= I guess it's time to myself a life. zzz.. I wanna go out so badly :( but then I don't wanna go out alone. D: Wahai kawan-kawan ku, u heard me? :( Ponteng class and go out with meh~ XD

Anyways, I have been thinking about getting a new watch for awhile now and was looking at watches just now. Some of my watches are not yet died but they're consider broken. =.= The Guess leather watch, the strap kinda like worn out already and the other one is the Vincci watch that I bought it for temporary use, but then the glass also fall off =.= But its good enough for a rm20 watch to tahan for one year. heh.

These are some of the time pieces that caught my eyes :) Most of of them are men's watches thou D: Its really hard looking for one ladies watch with similar design. :( I think I might end up buying a men's watch. =.=

(click on the images to enlarge)

Dual-Time Men's black Stainless Steel Date Watch

DKNY Men's Leather Watch
Analogue quartz movement. Mineral crystal. Black texture round dial.

Burberry Beat Check Watch
I love anything grey, black or while and this just looks lovely. Not sure its for male or female thou, haha. Love the clean, simple design :)

Ladies Bela Bangle Watch
The slim and sleek design is definitely beautiful, but not really the type I'm looking for. haha and I hate watches without numbers =.= It will take me sometime to read. It's awkward especially when someone's asking you the time =.=

And last but definitely not least,

The watch of Barack Obama - Jorg Gray Chronograph

Here are some details of the watch:

  • Product Features Gentlemen’s Chronograph Watch
  • Case Cut From Stainless Steel Polished & Brushed Silver Finish
  • Italian Buffalo Leather Strap
  • High Precision Chronograph Movement
  • Water Resistant 10 ATM
And the interesting part? It can be purchased from :D
Nice eh? Love the details :D But this is not the kind of watch I'm looking for la, too big and manly.. haha

T_T Still finding for a not too bulky-looking one.

Ps. Happy Deepavali to ALL my Indian/Hindu Friends :)

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