Monday, December 21, 2009

Holiday Mood

Wooo hoo! Just one more paper to go and I'm fwweeee!
 Time for holiday planning :D Time to leave this mess alone and delete all the unhappy stuffs. Reformat! :D
*Attempting to escape from reality* I know but I just don't care! muahaha
I'm tired of all this shitte. :D
 and.. Christmas is coming! only few days to go.
also to my sis and Jason,
     Happy Birthday in advance!    

     Good night. :)    

*planning planning*

When God decided to give the best gift he could think of, it was not riches, it was not glory, it was not honour, it was not even wisdom. The greatest gift that God gave was himself in the form of his Son, Jesus Christ. This Christmas take some time to truly give more. Give more of your time. Give more of your thoughts. Give more of your heart. Give more of yourself.

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