Saturday, June 5, 2010

After a long long time.

Harlow bloggie! It has been a while :) First up, here's a quick update of what I did while being MIA for some time. XD

1. I trimmed my hair, just a tiny lil bit, no big changes.

2. I dyed my hair, reddish dark brown, not that obvious thou :( macam natural color. I think I might need to dye again, maybe after one month or two, don't wanna damage my hair. Wanna get a lighter brown, yum!

3. Had my long-awaited trip to Penang. Had a taste of penang food, and therefore no. 4.

4. My diet plan failed. oh wells, let's start again next sem. XD noms noms.

5. I shopped for hairbands again. Added a few more to my 'collection'. I'm such a hairband freak now, and it's not like I wear them to class everyday, I wonder why I'm so obsessed with them and invested so much on them. -_- Weirdo. Nuff' said.

6. Dates. 

My failed plans :
1.  Swimming lesson plan failed. Parents not free to fetch cause it's not school holiday. Their holiday starts on Monday, which is also the day my class starts. MMU Fail. -_- fml.

2.  Fail to start running my pre-loved blog shop due to laziness and packed schedule. Also, camera problem, was plan to get a new cam but till now also haven't get one. Another failed plan.

3. Healthy lifestyle failed. I still don't eat on time and sleep late. Soon pimples will start popping out and someday god might punish me and let me die early. -_- Touchwood. touchwood.

4. Change blogskin plan failed. I've been wanted to do it since a long time, cause most of the items in this blog are hard-coded so it brings me a lot of inconveniences when I'm trying to change something. Hmm. and the fonts are kind of too small to be read by humans. Everything is so messy and packed together, I hate it. Throws chairs. Throws tables.

5. Someone's birthday surprise. Epic fail. Emo me. T_T

Erm, so there goes my 3 weeks school holidays, another 24 hours left and I'll be at the dead city Cyber, crying for good food, fishing in class, doodling on tables and complaining why Friday is so darn far away. -_-


 Received 3 pairs of these Freshlook Illuminate for free last week. Ignore the stupid Dell logo.
I always find myself having a hard time buying contact lenses. Tried several brands including those imported from Korea. Most are either not comfy to wear for long hours or just doesn't look good on me. But I love these, you can have cheat-one bolder eyes after wearing, I wore them during my trip to pg and it feels nice except that one day I wore them terbalik and it fell off XD Gladly i bought my glasses with me. :S 

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