Saturday, June 12, 2010

Finally 5 days passed and here comes the weekend! woohoo! I hate Cyber. >:( There's ZERO fun here and the food are mostly expensive and not all are nice. And no porky here. >:( And knowing some sucky lecturers who are gonna teach you for the whole semester is also a mood spoiler. -_- Money burning! Boo! -_-

Today was quite fun as it was about 2 of my favorite things in life: watching movie and eating. XD
Woke up late and ended up reach there at 3pm, yes with empty stomach T_T had our brunch in Subway and some green tea and choco mint gelato @ Gelatomio. Yum.♥ We then headed to the cinema to watch The A-Team! (I've been waiting for this XD) Full of action and great comedy. I like! :D oh and Bradley Cooper's macho-ness. XD After movie, we had our dinner at a HK restaurant, had duck rice and some steamboat. Yummy ducky ♥ There was also a Japanese Food Fair selling Japanese cookies, chocolate, drinks, ramen, miso soup, candies, snacks, all at a discounted price. ♥ Grabbed a box of pandie cookie and then realized that I actually bought the wrong one. T-T This one has no choco inside. :(

Emo Misa: Someone left me alone at home :( And did not bring me any carrots!

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