Monday, December 12, 2011

Kawaii Nail Art.

Some quick nail arts I did over the past few weekends. I won't be posting any tutorials since all these doesn't really require any special techniques and I used a lot of ready made stuffs like nails stickers, mini metal balls, glitters, Fimo nail art canes etc. ♪(´ε` ) Also, I've introduced most of the tools and brushes I used, so they're pretty much all you need for these, don't wanna make my posts seem repetitive. (・x・) 
*lazy butt excuse*
Nail Art #1.
 I don't know what theme was this. lol Some girly lacey nonsense wht turf. I've used white lace nail stickers, strawberry Fimo canes and some glitter powder for this nail art. It's pretty simple and quick but you just have the get the layering sequence right so they won't become too thick and end up having uneven surface. #phailexperience 

Nail Art #2.
These are the color polishes that I've used for this one. I left most of my polishes at home so I was somewhat squeezing my brain juice of what to paint (=﹏=) since all I have with me were few bottles of very limited color choices, I was also downgraded to times where I have to use toothpicks to create nail art lol! BUT it turned out to become my favorite one! haha! (=ε=) #successkid.jpg

Win kept telling me that my bunny looks very scary with those black hole eyes. LOL (ㅠㅅㅠ)

My new Skin Food nail polish. Glittery Pink. I was at first worried that it will not look good on me since the color is kind of neon, but it turns out really pretty cause the polish is a bit sheer. (-ᴥ-)♥ Skin Food polishes are really smooth and easy to apply but one thing about it is that it thickens up quite fast compare to my other nail polishs D:  #basedonpastexperience  In fact, I went to Skin Food to actually look for THIS yummy-colored Fruit Drink Nail Series. (╥﹏╥) But no luck, since local stores don't seem to have it yet. 
How can anyone not love the lollipop candy-looking bottle? (≧ε≦)

Nail Art #3.
Quite a fail product cause it looks very messy. =\ I did it before bed time and I was sleepy so I rushed to finish the whole thing. (._.) The theme is cheerful Christmas so I added a lot of ribbons, gifts and all other colourful nonsense. Anyway, I'm gonna make a more neat and decent Christmas-themed nail art next time. Hopefully I'll manage to spare out some time again before Christmas. (´ε` )
Dear hands, Y U NO stop being shaky.  (ㅠㅅㅠ) 

Till then, adios! 


  1. halo coffee!!! long time no see! XD
    i like the bunny nail art >3< and the selection of colors!