Monday, December 19, 2011

Shopping Outing!

I don't remember when is the last time I actually do proper clothes shopping in a mall. (・_・) Ever since my otaku level goes up, I become lazier to step out of the room. Yes, you've heard it right, ZE ROOM. lol I think sooner or later I might start smelling like mold wtf. Or maybe I already have that moldy smell but nobody dare to tell me. =.= fml. 
So yesterday, I  finally went shopping with boyfie and his housemates @ 1U because I don't wanna miss the year end sales. ☆ But I only manage to pick up one sales item that I like in the end haha I guess I should have went shopping last month. (´ε` )  
And yup, all these photos are snapped with bf's iPon, which explains why they're all noisy and blur. In fact, I did brought my dslr along but I left the memory card at home. Sighs, I even forgot to recharge my phone. Oh well, sometimes I think I'm retarded.. =.= 

 I had my brow pencil sharpen and trimmed my brows again at Shu Uemura. I'm suppose to pluck away the excessive hair myself to maintain the shape but I'm too busy and lazy to do it. (╥﹏╥)
Love how neat my brows look nao. 

 There was Miss Tourism International competition going on at the ground floor. Lucky Win. (=ε= )

 Our Paradise ice cream dish! My favorite flavor for this one has got to be the Raspberry Sorbet! I love refreshing fruity ice cream. lol 
My hair looks super flat and thin now as it grew longer =\ I hate that. 

My shopping hauls for the day. Only two shops and I'm already tired and end up at Haagen Dazs to nom aisu. (¬ε¬) I also forgot to get my bathing form from L'occitane. T.T Phone out of battery so I cannot look into my shopping check list. ㅠㅅㅠ

Settled our dinner at Sakae. There was this huge mirror right beside where we sat. How convenient. Muahaha.
Wearing: Mustard cardigan from Berskha, White top and nude high-waist shorts from online blogshops, Nude loafers from Milktee.


  1. same case. i think the last thing i ever really shop is in korea =_=

    nowadays if go out, or visit malls,
    also for meeting friends, meals or just really buy what i need but not shopping >3<

    btw your first photo mia right bottom photo looked like one korean actress XD
    but i dunno her name and i forgot the drama she's in D:

  2. @vinvin:
    high five! T______T and also for movies! hahaha Somehow prefer online shopping nowadays and have things delivered to my doorstep lol =x
    LOL where got k-actress who looks chinless like me! XDD

  3. Wooo I saw the nice photo that I took =3=