Sunday, January 10, 2010

Bak Kut Teh

===========The Following is Rated N for Non-Halal==========

Pao Xiang BKT is holy-meaty-yummy! ♥ Pao Xiang is a string tie cooking method of pork meat in bak kut teh soup. They said by using this method, oil on the pork can be reduced o_o but I don't know la, as long as it tastes good, everything is fine. :D Today I went for Pao Xiang Bakuteh at Centro Mall, Klang. (of course Klang la, we have the best Bakuteh! lol) The eating environment is nice cause it's in a mall, and there is aircond! haha kinda different from where we usually have our bakuteh, and most importantly, they sell yummy bakuteh! The pork meat is nice and tender, and the soup is thick! ♥ Best part of all is that they serve the soup with a stand containing some burning oil-wax thingy that keeps the soup warm while you're eating, so considerate eh? T-T

Talking about bakuteh soup, I prefer it in bowl than clay pot, because for clay pot, we usually add in mushrooms, veges, dried beancurn strips, internal organs which is cut into strips, and all these kinda ruin the thick meaty taste. XD Bowl bakuteh are usually dark in color, some said it's unhealthy as it is made by boiling the skin until all the gelatin and lard melts, the old fashioned way. :) Delicious, but sinful. T_T but I like the clay pot as well la, cause of the strong chinese herbal taste. Both also I like la, haihs.

This is my ultimate BKT list rated base on my personal preference: :) (5 hearts max)
1. Pao Xiang Bakuteh @ Centro Mall 
As I said, it tastes not bad and you'll have a different bakuteh eating experience, so no harm giving it a try. The bad part is that you'll have to wait for quite a long time cause of the crowd during lunch break peak hour, and if you're late, most of the nice-meaty-thigh-parts will be sold out ._.

2. Underbridge Bakuteh
Needless to say, every Klang people should know this shop, its like a legend already. I don't know the exact shop name, but everyone calls it The Underbridge. Serves clay pot bakuteh. The taste is normal for me.

3. Mo Sang Kor Bakuteh
They serve one of the best bowl bakuteh, and the soup is damn dark and thick. One thing I don't like about them is that they're damn kedekup with their soup, good things come hard i guess. sighs. must treasure very drop of it. XD

4. Teluk Pulai Bakuteh
 Went once only. Serves claypot bakuteh, simple setups and usually very crowded in the morning, if you come late, you'll have to wait for people finish only you can have place to sit and enjoy. 

5. Restoran Weng Heong @ Taman Intan
Also went once only, serves claypot bakuteh, and they let you add seafood ingredients into the broth. Not bad lah.

6. Ah Tiam Bakuteh
Not sure about the name. T-T They're famous of their dry bakuteh and they sell seafood at night. No comment cause I'm not a fan of dry bakuteh unless there's a soupy one beside, then it'll be a different story :P

There're other random bakuteh shops which i went and don't remember the names. XD Usually i have to go there a few times only I'll go "Oh! I've been here before!" and yada yada yada XD Will update this if I found more nice bakutehs. hoho. 
Till then, bye. XD


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