Sunday, January 24, 2010


Okay, I have now officially died. Woke up with a minor fever, headache, sore throat which hurts when I swallow something. This is NOT okay. T__T I still have plenty of things to be done. Shithead T-T Division meeting is on Monday and I have not yet done my 2nd product, and wth I thought I have extra time to finish up Invitation card, Teeshirt and Ticket as well. I'm so Oh wells, I hope all the WCs will make themselves useful.

List down the things I need to do before CNYE:
1. Done all P&T stuffs that need to be approved.
2. Haircut
3. New Camera - mostly will be a semi-pro compact one, I've given up on getting dslr cause I need to save my money for future needs T-T. just in case I died, I have money to give to my children or grandchildren or great-grandchildren and great-great.... wth lol. unless dad feels like sponsor me one, hoho, but he will sure say "wait long long", haih forget it. =.=
4. Gorillapod - If I have extra okane, else just buy a simple one or  don't buy at all. ._.
5. Reformat computer - L4D 2 and DMC T_T
6. To be continue.

I seriously need an assistant/secretary to help me organize my schedule T-T My organizer is waayy to messy to be read by humans. People, I'm hiring! XD Please contact me for further enquiry. Hahaha.
I think I better get back to sleep la, and hopefully wake up feeling better.

Me want a bunny like this!! Misa need a same species mate. XD

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