Monday, January 11, 2010

Idiots are everywhere.

To someone,
Stop treating me like I'm your freakin girlfriend. We're not in a relationship and I have absolutely no intend to have one with you. Stop worrying about me as I'm not your 3-year-old kid. Your girlfriend, she has been treating you so nice up till now, totally a girlfriend role model can, and she's so sweet and considerate to me and others as well. I don't want to be called as a bitch so please stop doing unnecessary things.

To all dudes/dudettes,
I'm nobody's relationship agency/relationship consultant. Stop message me and tell me you wanna know which dude/dudette on my friend list better, and stop reporting to me your kao lui/kao zai process. Like I care. =.=

Sighs. FML. =.=

p/s:  Esky has updated her blog. T-T So cute, so furrylicious. Looks like noms. XD
Click here to visit Esky.

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